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Z for Zachariah Review! (D for Disappointing :()


Yes I read this book because I saw the movie trailer and yes I expected it to be just like the trailer. Well, that was not my brightest moment was it XD? The trailer is nothing like the book at all really so… yeah. Sadness… Anyways,here is what I expected:

A girl who lives totally alone, the last human left after a radioactive/nuclear war. Two guys stumble upon her little village, ONE is an alien, the other is human. She has to figure out what to do next :P. I expected a ton of action or something… Whateverr

TRIGGER WARNING: Some stuff happens that is sorta spoilers so I’m putting it under the spoilers tag. It’s not major spoilers though so it wont ruin the ending.ย [spoiler]Someone tries to rape Ann but fails.[/spoiler]

What I Liked

The general idea was interesting.

I know we have a lot of stories dealing with the dead, awful future. I just never read one that dealt with someone being totally alone and completely isolated. And then this man comes in and you’re all like, “OH MY GOSH WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?” There is Ann and a stranger and the book says that there are worst things than being the last person on Earth. WHAT WILL HAPPEN PEOPLE *SCREAMS*

Ann was one tough cookie.

Aside from my below point about her not having much personality, Ann was tough. She did what had to be done and didn’t complain once. She was strong and could survive on her own for years ๐Ÿ™‚

There were some moments where I could NOT set the book down.

This. Book. Was. Intense. I never really have my heart race inย a scene but a few of these moments in Z for Zachariah had me on FREAK OUT mode, I was, as the title says, FREAKED OUT!

What I Didn’t Like

Next to nothing really happened…

and that is what is making this book so difficult to review. 90% of this book probably, dealt with Ann farming, wondering about what she was going to eat next, and her doing chores. The other 10% was intense, but the majority of this book felt like nothing happened.

Ann didn’t have much of a personality :O . You know, not to sound rude.

The whole history in this book, the idea of being the last person left in the world and you not being able to go anywhere, is all pretty traumatizing, isn’t it? Well Anne doesn’t think so… or seem to think so. Ann doesn’t feel much of anything, and she doesn’t think much of anything about the outside world either. Mostly, it felt like Ann had no personality.

Ann wasn’t like Prince Charming from Into the Woods, she was just tough.

The age difference between her and the other guy (I wont say his name ok :D)

Early on in the book, she talks about wanting to marry him. I mean, I understand because he may be the only last guy in the world but she knew him for like a day and she already wanted to marry him?! That age difference was freaky. I guess I understand why they sort of changed that in the movie…

Chris Pine’s character wasn’t even in the book!

Well he sort of was BUT HE NEVER MADE AN APPEARANCE AND IM LIKE WUT? That’s why I’m using Chris Pine gifs ๐Ÿ˜› So, he was in the book but not in the book… *sigh* it’s hard to explain.


And I also didn’t like the ending. It felt incomplete.


In a Nutshell

Z for Zachariah wasn’t my favorite book, however, A LOT of people did end up enjoying it so I am the minority here. I think it is important to note that this book wasn’t finished by Robert C. O’Brien, he died and his wife and daughter completed it using his notes, so keep that in mind. This book probably isn’t for everyone (obviously) but if you do enjoy classic books, I think you’d like this one a lot :).


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