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Wolf by Wolf Review (By Wolf by Wolf by Wolf)

Well I’ve been certainly in a strange mood these days, it is RARE that I read Historical Fiction. I LOVE history, but I find it difficult to read the fiction side of history so, don’t hate me please *hides* BUUUUUT! There is a but here guys, Wolf by Wolf and Prisoner of Night and Fog are slowly pulling me into the I LOVE HISTORICAL FICTION mood so :). Yay. This rocks.

What I Liked

Wolf by Wolf was more than what I thought!

Before I read wolf by Wolf, I knew only this… it’s a race around the world so the main character, who can shape shift, can kill Hitler. Which sounds really reaallly cool but I didn’t expect what I read. While Wolf by Wolf wasn’t my favorite, I did enjoy how unique the plot was. It wasn’t page after page of racing, it was a high stakes race AROUND THE WORLD PEOPLE :D! Storms, fights, POISON, Wolf by Wolf has all the surprises >:D

Actiony even though I didn’t think it’d be, see above 🙂

Focuses more on sibling romance though there is a bit (?) or romance here…

The majority of this book did not focus on love in the way most YA books, or books in general, do. This book spent more time showing the importance of family and friends even in the darkest hour and I respect that :). There was a sort of romantic relationship-ish kind of (?) but not overpowering. I ADORED the family focus ❤

What I Didn’t Like

I just didn’t feel much with this book…

SUPER COOL idea aside, this book and I did not connect at all. Please do not get me wrong, I love Yael, she was amazing, and her story was HEART BREAKING and I HATE Mengele, I just didn’t connect with this book. I wasn’t invested with the characters, I understand their plot and roll, I just didn’t feel much for them. I can’t describe my feelings for this book because of how disconnected I felt so 😦

In a Nutshell

Wolf by Wolf is definitely interesting story wise. It’s a unique idea that I’ve never heard of and a good introduction to a different sort of Historical Fiction :). While I didn’t feel too invested in the characters, this book gets FANTASTIC reviews and I, obviously, am an odd one out here.brianna review templet


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