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Zeroes (A Zero for Me XP) Mini Review


Before I get to my review, please keep in mind that these are my opinions only. Just because I didn’t like the book doesn’t mean you won’t like it.]

Okay…let me start off with saying that I’ve ALWAYS LOVED super humans, it’s an idea I’ve always enjoyed. Zeroes sounded like a book I’d LOVE but I didn’t. Plain and simple as that. Here’s the reason why:

The summary of Zeroes says, and I quote, “Filled with high-stakes action and drama.” So, this is what I THOUGHT it was talking about…

Did we get this? Nope. Not even close. You want to know what we got as the ‘high stakes action and drama’? [spoiler]The villain of the story was a Russian gang. They were all normal people without powers, they weren’t even that much of a threat but isn’t this highstakes? Not to me it isn’t. Where’s the evil super human rising from the ashes? Where’s the unstoppable bad guy? OH WAIT there isn’t one! [/spoiler]

Also, the main characters in Zeroes I didn’t connect with. I didn’t even like all of them, the only character I kind of sort of likes was Anonymous, but that’s it.

The only good thing that really came out of Zeroes was the main characters powers. They were all new powers I’ve never heard of and that was pretty cool. I just felt like it wasn’t enough for me to really get into it.


But again, let me stress that this is just MY OPINION! You could love this book so please, give it a try!

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2 thoughts on “Zeroes (A Zero for Me XP) Mini Review

  1. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. OMG. how was it even so boring?!?!? I literally felt like nothing interesting happened and Scam was so irritating. Anon was adorable though. Anon completely saved the book for me in his utter adorableness. *happy sigh*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this one. I haven’t read it yet, but I just got a copy of it recently. I love books about super humans. I’ll still give it a try, but I’ll keep my expectations low.


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