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Prisoner of Night and Fog Review!


Woah. This book. It’s sort of hard to peice together all of my feelings on this book but to sum up all of me feelings for A Prisoner of Night and Fog in one word…


Also, Oh+My+Gosh=this+book and yes that is one word >__<!

Don’t look at me like that, it does! I swear it.

What I liked about this book

Character Development. Boom.

I LOVE me some character development! Isn’t is awesome to watch characters just switch things up? To go from downright cruel to loving/understanding? To watch them bring their barriers down one by one and open up? Ok so no characters to my knowledge did those above examples but the character development in this was awesome. Gretchen and Daniel are always changing, always forming new relationships, feelings and emotions. LOVE! IT!

Intense/plot twisty/ crazy

This book taught me a lot more than I thought it would about WWII and Hitler in general. Seriously, a ton of stuff in this book blew my mind and had me on google (because if it’s on the internet it HAS to be true (I’m being sarcastic here)) and wow. I did not know a lot of this stuff and wow that was crazy. Also the plot in this book is just one HUGE roller coaster filled with explosions and dynamite, it’s a crazy plot twisty (to me at least….)

La Romance

*wiggles eyebrows*


I ship it guys 😛 I really do.

And the villain 

Well the villain is NOT who you think it would be. Although I can say the villain can be multiple people in this one. And he is pure evil guys, PURE evil and I do NOT love him. Nope. I do not. And I will not say who he is because I want YOU to be shocked 😀 like I was. I was pure shocked.

What I didn’t love

The Beginning…

was slow, it took a bit for me to get into it but boy oh boy did I get into it see above XD. Oh and the MC’s love for Hitler drove me up the wall! Ok so I get it, Hitler is her uncle, she is young and naive but it felt like EVERY paragraph was her talking about how cool Uncle Dolf is *gags* that was irritating beyond measure. Although see above point on Character Development.

So many questions like…

Why does Daniel help her? Just because he is a good guy? Or does he just want to find the story and he needs Gretchen so is he using her? *GASP* I hope he’s not using her! I like Daniel!

In a nutshell

Read this one. Read the next one. I hope you love it as much as I did! Enjoy the character development, the intense high stakes plot and all of the twists and turns inside A Prisoner of Night and Fog :).

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