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When All You Want to Do is Read BUT…

Let’s be real, as a book enthusiast, book blogger, book lover, book HUGGER things tend to find a way of… well, getting in the way. We all know what I’m talking about right? Life has a way of throwing things at us, expecting us to dodge one obstacle after the next all while we are trying to read that finish line. The End. Two beautiful words, so hard to come too.

FEAR NOT my friends and fellow readers/book lovers, I am here to explain all problems that come with reaching the final chapter of your beloved novels.

Obstacle #1: Dare I say it?



How to dodge said obstacle: No I am not going to say skip school, don’t do that XD. Instead I recommend reading before, after and any spare moment during class. Every moment not spent learning is dedicated to READING THAT BOOK DARNNIT.

Obviously I’m kidding, I usually only read in school once I finish all my work so 🙂 I recommend that.

Obstacle #2: That one person will NOT stop talking RIGHT when you get to the climax!

How to dodge said obstacle: Ok, I love you (or maybe you don’t love them O_O), but seriously, I AM READING PEOPLE! STOPPP TRYING TO MAKE CONVERSATION GAH!

I recommend POLITELY pointing out that you are on a VERY important mission to finish this book and it is dire to the existence of the world that you make it to THE END. Should you fail this very important mission, it will rip a hole in the space time continuum and not even Doctor Who can fix this one.

Obstacle #3: When you CANT find that book that’s been on your TBR for ages ANYWHERE…

How to dodge said obstacle: I’m at a loss of words my friend. All I can tell you is now is the right time to panic. That book did exist right? That book is on goodreads so it HAS to be real. Maybe they are just out of stock or maybe the aliens took all the copies back to their home planet, WHO KNOWS :O! WE WONT EVER KNOW WILL WE?

Obstacle #4: When the aliens took your book…

How to dodge said obstacle: WE MUST RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS.

Obstacle #5: When you really need to pee…

How to dodge said obstacle: Either take the book with you OR RUN! Your book cannot wait, the Empire needs saving and ONLY YOU (and the MC and he author) CAN SAVE THE EMPIRE >:O!

So tell me now my friends, HOW DO YOU FIND TIME TO READ? 🙂








One thought on “When All You Want to Do is Read BUT…

  1. Number 4 is my favorite lol xD xD and I can find time to read very easily! I’m a college drop out living at home (I sound very lame right now… wow) and my sister uses my computer for her school work. SO! ALL DAY LONG I CAN’T REALLY GET ON THE INTERNET AND I’VE GOT NO RESPONSIBILITIES! So I read or I’ll go insane from zero brain stimulation. I have the problem of TOO much time on my hands


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