Top Ten Tuesday Halloween Edition!!!!

Happy HALLOWEEEEEEEN everyone *mwahahahahahaha*

*Ahem* I mean, happy early Halloween everyone šŸ˜€ Since it’s coming soon this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Halloween based. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish šŸ™‚ check them out!

Since this week we can pick our topic, Brianna and I decided we’d pick the most HORRIFYING, KNOCK YOUR PANTS OFF SCARY BOOKS…that is…scary books for us….and we’re not the biggest fans of horror XD But we do every so often stumble upon one that does, indeed knock our pants off.

So…are you ready for some TERRIFYING books that might just keep you up at night? I KNOW I WASN’T!

Click on the titles to be taken to our reviews šŸ˜€ Except Red Rain, and Hotel Ruby they’re coming soon!!!!

After the Red Rain:

Set in a decaying world, with an evil governor and some craaaazy stuff. Spoilers spoilers spoilers.

Library of Souls:

Do I need to explain for this one XD?

Cirque Du Freak:

There’s nothing about Cirque Du Freak that doesn’t scream HALLOWEEN! If that makes sense…Darren lives with a traveling Freak Show, becomes a (SPOILER) vampire and fights a bunch of terrifying bad guys. (END SPOILER)


Batman is so Halloween. It’s creepy, can sometimes be violent, and did I mention it’s creepy? Nightwing is the same way, but I like Nightwing more xD!Ā 

Hotel Ruby

What is happening in this Hotel that seems like Paradise, I wonder >:D *evil laughter*


An evil AI? An awful space disease? Check. Illuminae gives chills.

Mara Dyer:

Mara Dyer had this whole darkish feeling to it. The whole book had a dark tone, with creepy powers and it was pretty amazing!

Famous Last Words:

Don’t a lot of horror movies have some crazy killer after the main character? Famous Last Words is no different šŸ™‚

The Messenger of Fear:

This book deals with some heavy topics, and it was scaryyyyyyyy!

Delicate Monsters:

These kids were nuts. All I remember is how awful they were O_O! Woah, they were awfully mean.

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