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Hotel Ruby Review! (Stay NOW. Stay FOREVER.)


I received this book from Edelweiss, this doesn’t affect my opinion in any way! Thank you Edelweiss :D!

Suzanne Young, author of The Program did it again. She blew me away! You know, not that I was surprised or anything, Suzanne Young rocks my socks! Hotel Ruby is a story about a family heart broken after a tragedy, a family who ends up at a wonderfully awesome hotel. A hotel filled with secrets >:D!

Okay so my mini summary made this book sound so weird, hear me out people! HOTEL RUBY IS AWESOME! The whole story had a very Twilight Zone feel, which was perfect.

What I liked

Suzanne Young is a wonderful author, I can’t get over how she writes! Her writing is so wonderful, it manages to bring the glamour of the Hotel to a creepy, awe worthy level. Her words strike images inside the readers head making it hard to glance away from the book. Hotel Ruby grabbed my attention and held it from day one! Seriously, this book is covered in a layer of mystery, dusted with secrets and glittered with sparkles! What more could a girl want? Uh, NOTHING :D?

This book has a seriously creepy atmosphere, and while it didn’t scare me out of my mind, it did manage to give me the shivers. Kenneth is one creepy concierge, he’s a bit fishy if you ask me! This book is not horrifying, so don’t let the whole horror genre thing scare you away!

Character wise, Hotel Ruby was great! Let’s talk about Elias Lange. He was a pretty awesome dude, I just loved how classy he sounded, so AWESOME! Okay moving on, all of these characters influenced the story. Catherine freaks me out, Kenneth gives me the chills, Elias charms up the story and Audrey gives us a skeptic view on the glittery hotel.

What I didn’t like

Audrey drove me a bit nutty! She was really rude to her brother, always making him seem like an over eager puppy. Okay so this isn’t a problem with the story, Audrey is who she is, it just upset me how she treated her brother in the beginning. Be nice to your brother Audrey, nag, nag, nag!

There were some parts in Hotel Ruby that we a bit… bloody/gory. I’m not saying it was page after page of blood, there were just a few scenes of yucky stuff. *shivers*

While I adored Suzanne Young’s new book, I am a bit disappointed. Why? Because I guessed the ending dead on. I’m not even kidding, from page two I knew how it was going to end :(! I’m not saying the ending was bad, I liked it, I’m just sad that it was predictable! I LOVE TWISTS!

In a nutshell

Hotel Ruby was a mysterious book, it left my guessing what the heck was actually going on! I loved this book, no kidding. Suzanne Young creates a fantastic tale of a girl and her family who make it to a hotel where nothing is as it seems :)! Enjoy!

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