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Mistborn Mini, Little ,Itty, Bitty, Review


At first, I wasn’t really going to write a review for Mistborn. Once I finished it I decided otherwise, even though it took me forever and a half to finally finish it, I wanted to review it!

Mistborn was a really, really hard book for me to get into, and stay into. I tend to not read fantasy or high fantasy books because they don’t hold my attention, so it was a pretty slowish story from beginning to end. Even though it was difficult to read I did enjoy it. The part I liked most about Mistborn was how much thought had to go into the story. The whole world is well thought out and created, putting a world with that much detail is simply amazing and I appreciated the new ideas it had.

Vin was a tough main character living in an even tougher world. She was strong and spoke her mind, she met some other amazing characters like Kelsier (who was pretty awesome,) and Elend (who I really loved xD) She changed a lot through the story and didn’t remain the same, her view of the world changed and she tried to push those views onto others.  All the characters had their own personalities 😀 which was also nice to have!

Honestly, this book took me way longer to read than I had originally planned, so I don’t have much to say. Mistborn brought a ton of new ideas, there were some great chilling moments and uplifting moments as well. But it wasn’t a book that would stick with me forever.

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2 thoughts on “Mistborn Mini, Little ,Itty, Bitty, Review

  1. Yay! Another person who’s read Mistborn. I really enjoyed the world-building, but I can understand how overwhelming it can be to learn everything anew…especially the mechanisms of how to use the different metals. I’m glad we both agree that Eland is a pretty cool character. [wink, wick] I read the entire series and each book does get easier to absorb. Mistborn is a trilogy of trilogies with each trilogy following the same principles but just set in different times. One day I will get to #4. He he. I love Sanderson. =)


    1. Brandon Sanderson is AMAZING 😀 I LOVE HIS STEELHEART series sooooo much :D! Yeah, Mistborn was pretty hard for me to get into. I think it was mostly hard because I tend to not read high fantasy books so it was a lot to take in. However, I do admire how Brandon Sanderson could come up with all these new ideas! ^^ Thank you for the comment!


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