Top Ten Tuesday- Wishes I’d beg the Book Genie to Grant! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and Bookish you can find them HERE!

When it comes to wishes, we all have them. Today’s theme is bookish wishes and boy oh boy, do I have some of those :)! What are your bookish wishes?

1.BEA. I REALLY want to go to BEA… Please :]?

If I could go to Book Expo America, I’d cry. I’d be so so so so so SO happy, I’m not even kidding.

2. Truthwitch Arc. BECAUSE IT’S TRUTHWITCH! 

I can’t not want to read this book, it’s impossible! I HEAR SO MANY GOOD THINGS AND I CAN’T WAIIIIIIT! I really want to read it :'[

3. Well a lot of 2016 ARCS because you know, they look SO good…

Don’t look at me like that XD! All of these 2016 books sound so overwhelmingly AMAZING! Why must you tease us with your awesomeness, WHYYYYY? *cries*

4. I’d go totally nuts if I could meet Sarah J. Maas…

Because seriously, who DOESN’T want to meet her? She is a writer I would adore to meet 🙂 one day, I hope to have such wonderful stories like her <3. So inspirational.

5. And Marissa Meyer…

BECAUSE SHE ROCKS! Marissa Meyer is the bomb dot com.

6. And Ransom Riggs…. Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner (again!)


7. So, who wouldn’t wish to meet ALL Sarah J. Maas characters? Tamlin? Dorian? Celaena? PLEAAAASE?

8. What about Cinder, and Cress and you Captain Thorne 😀 I’d like to meet them too…

*breaths heavily*

9. You know what, why don’t I wish for the ability to travel into books?

Seriously? Why isn’t this a thing yet? WE NEED THIS PEOPLE!

10. My last wish… for everyone to have all the books!

Because everyone should be able to have a book to travel too 🙂 even if it’s only one.

So your turn! What are your wishes, bookish or not?


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