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Tell the Story to It’s End Review! (Eren Review)


Thank you so much to St. Martin’s Press for letting me read and review Tell the Story to It’s End/ Eren!

What I liked

Tell the Story to it’s End is reminiscent of A Monster Calls, however it manages to be it’s own story! This is not a rip off book, it isn’t a copy of Patrick Ness’s story, instead it is it’s own unique book about a boy struggling to understand what is happening around him, one who finds a monster in his attic called Eern. What I LOVED about this book was the story, and the stories within it!

This book was SUPER inspiring to me, mostly since NaNoWriMo starts in a few weeks. There are so many amazing, chill inducing quotes inside this book that I CAN’t EVEN! So amazing, so chilling and wonderful and asdfghjkl!


There was art in Tell the Story to It’s End but not nearly as much as A Monster Calls and that is fine! The story does well without pictures, however I did love the art :D!

What I didn’t like

Tell the Story to it’s End is very short, which isn’t a problem. I did feel like it could have been a bit longer, especially because of my next reason…

The ending! THE ENDING! I’m not sure how it felt to me, and honestly, I’m not sure how to explain myself without spoilers It felt a bit abrupt and sudden which was very sad đŸ˜¦ I was expecting something different but there is NOTHING wrong with what the author did! This is his story, not mine and he did just fine đŸ™‚

In a Nutshell

Tell the Story is a quick read about a boy struggling in his new home :). The book is filled to the brim with so many FANTASTIC, inspiring quotes that will give anyone hope XD! I reccomend it!

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