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Illuminae Review!


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, this doesn’t affect my opinion! Thank you!





*cough* I loved this book *cough*

What I liked

I was worried. Worried about how many people loved this book, worried about how good it sounded. Something like this can’t be as awesome as it seems right? RIGHT? Well ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong. WRONG! Illuminae was FANTASTIC!

This isn’t a normal book and that sounds really weird. This isn’t a book that is written from the POV of the characters (mostly), Illuminae is made up of text messages (IMing or somethingish?) pictures, journal entries, and so forth. For me, this is both AWESOME and mind blowing. How the heck did they manage to tell a story this fantastic, without even flat out telling us what was going on? Like seriously, this was fantastic and the whole text message story telling thing made this a FAST read.

I loved the characters, A LOT! They were all loveable, even nutty AIDAN. I loved how they blacked out the swearing, I loved how the characters were tough and sweet and just… I can’t even put my thoughts into words… they just rocked.

My heart was literally pounding during this book. LIKE OH MY GOSH! The disease is horrifying O_O I don’t even want to talk about. I don’t want to think about it, or imagine it. OH GOSH! DON’T LOOK AT ME!

What I didn’t like


Oh. Oh wait…

I didn’t like how some pages were incredibly hard to read on the nook L, there were some pictures and pretty typography that was too blurry for me to read on this eARC version *cries*

And the characters texting skills *cries*! One of my biggest pet peves, other than repeating myself a hundered times, it when people can’t spell. I hate it when people type u, r, lol, luv, etc. It drives me nuts DX

In a nutshell

READ. IT. PLEASE! I hope you like it as much as I did! The characters were fantastic, the story intense and heart breaking. Illuminae is probably my most loved book of 2015, and if not, it comes close.

4 thoughts on “Illuminae Review!

  1. I’ve heard so much good things about this book! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Your review has definitely tipped my scale over to the “MUST READ THIS BOOK!” section. Ha ha. Great review!


  2. Holy cow! I’m in! I think you’re on the losing end of texting stick! Although apparently lol is on it’s way out. I wonder if we’ll be able to even understand Illuminae in 5 years? :S


  3. Just wait until you see the physical book!!! I had a paperback arc and it’s truly incredible. This has become one of my ALL TIME favorite books! I keep referring to it as “mind blowing.” I am SO glad you loved it!!!


    1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so excited for it to come out tomorrow :)! I NEVER re-read books but I can’t wait to re-read this one so many times <3! I just loved it XD! Glad that you enjoyed it 😀 THE ENDING WAS NUTS AND ASFGHJKL! All the feels, right? 🙂


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