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When We Were Review


We received When We Were from Paper Lantern Lit as part of their summer VIP Trendsetter program! This does NOT effect our reviews in any way at all!


The Characters:

Angelina: The characters just didn’t stick with me at all. I didn’t enjoy them all that much and couldn’t connect with them for some reason. Perhaps it’s because one of them was a mean girl and the other was a sporty girl, but I don’t know. I just didn’t like them all that much. Also these characters were supposed to be friends, yet they treated each other horribly, especially Pinkie. She was the nicest of them all, although maybe not the smartest (I don’t mean to sound rude, but she didn’t seem to be), since she was so nice, why did they neglect her? 

I’m not gonna judge them anymore, they’ll figure it out. Won’t they? Read the book and find out :D! None of this has to do with the quality of the writing, or how I felt about the story, it’s just my thoughts on how these people where. Frankly, I didn’t like them. 

Brianna: Just like Legacy of Kings, Angelina and I see a bit differently on this book… and they call us twins XD! I enjoyed the characters a lot actually. I’m not trying to sound awful, but I think in real life these characters wouldn’t be friends. Most of the time, people with no similar interests tend to not get along, a mean girl, a smart girl and an athletic girl wouldn’t mix well in high school -_- sadly (or in my opinion! Maybe I’m wrong)… Either way, I did love these characters. Can I hug them? I think I’ll hug them. They were a cute, diverse cast! So heck yeah, they rocked the diversity department!

The Story:

Angelina: Well…the story was just okay. The WRITING I LOVED, for some reason that stuck with me the most. During the beginning I could read fifty or so pages without moving from my spot, that’s how much I loved it! Buuuuttt once you get to the middle of this book, it slows down and I saw it as a bit predictable. Then again, I do play a lot of Nancy Drew games and read mysteries so perhaps I can see more into people than others can? I dunno, but it just felt slow and predicable…

Brianna: I do agree with the three star rating, and what Angelina said. I find it funny how much we blame Nancy Drew on our ability to draw conclusions super quickly haha. My favorite thing about When We Were, be sides the fantastic writing and mostly lovable characters, were the short chapters. Each chapter switched Point of Views so we got to know more about everyone. I do, however, agree with Angelina on the predictability… sadly, I guessed the ending maybe 50 pages in?

(They approve of this story… (not really, I don’t know them and I didn’t ask.) I’m making this up ok XD


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