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Every Last Word (EVERY ONE!) Review


I don’t remember putting a hold on Every Last Word but I do remember wanting to read it. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for it, the kind that, you know, makes you want to drop everything and read the book. Every Last Word made me drop everything (but Heir of Fire) to read it :D!

What I Liked:

  • Every Last Word is filled to the brim with adorable characters… and the kind that make you want to roll your eyes. I mean come on, why would you want to be friends with mean girls, who cares that they’re popular and can do cool things :P? Anyways, I wanted to hug these people, _____ and ______ and _____. They’re just so cute ❤
  • What was really cool about this book was how the main character was saved by poetry and Poet’s Corner, the poems in this book were fantastic! I’m awful at poetry… but dang, these poems were so moving and funny and really let us know the characters better J
  • I LOOOOOVED the writing in this book, I could NOT put it down! I just adored it, okay XD
  • I’m usually really good when it comes to predicting things, especially twists. As always, I blame Nancy Drew for teaching me to be a detective… and how to eaves drop XD. BUT I DID NOT GUESS WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK! PEOPLE I WAS LITTERLY SHOCKED AND I LUUUUURVE THAT!

What I Didn’t Like:

  • I already claimed my one beef with this story. Being friend with mean people isn’t awesome! I mean come on! Don’t hang out with people who hurt you L No cool.

In a nutshell
I am in love with Every Last Word. Let’s be real people, it had me laughing, crying, smiling, frowning, and shaking my fist! I did shake my fist a lot at the main characters friends *sighs*… The story, poems and characters will capture you ❤


2 thoughts on “Every Last Word (EVERY ONE!) Review

  1. i loved this book when I read it! 😀 😀 😀 And yes I totally agree that her friends were awful -_- But at the same time, I related to her. She grew up with those girls. They were her BEST friends. I went through something exactly like that a few years back. There was this girl that I grew up with- her family was friends with my family, we went to the same church, saw each other everywhere. We were thrown together, and in my childhood, she was my /best/ friend ever. But as we grew up, she changed. I changed. Her personality, how she reacted to things, how she handled things, and everything about her became annoying to me. She was a mean person. She was awful, and childish, and made me feel like an idiot all the time. She was a bully. But she was everywhere in my life. I couldn’t just drop her. So I didn’t. Because I thought that maybe I was reading to far into things. She was nice most of the time. It was all fine. I just let things go that I shouldn’t have. And then we went through a spell where she was mean to another one of my friends, and I couldn’t stand that. So I stopped being her friend. It took a while to build up the courage, but it happened eventually.
    So long long story short xD I guess I really liked the aspect of the mean friends in this book. It seemed realistic to me.


    1. Yeah I get what you mean :). Understood 100%, it can be hard to leave your once friends, it can be hard to leave friends in general, regardless if they are mean or not. Sorry you lost a friend though 😦 thank STIIIINKS! It did seem pretty realistic, I haven’t had too many friends (in real life) in my lifetime so far XD but the ones I do have aren’t mean so I don’t really know what it’s like…. BUT THE ENDING ASDFGHJKL. Thanks for commenting SJ 😀 YOU ROCK GIRL!


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