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Book Discussion-Should Books Have Age Ratings?

I was writing a post for something else but they I thought of this question. Books, should they have age ratings?

Sometimes you pick up a book you thinks for a certain age, like teens, when you actually read it you might realize that it has waaaaayyyyy more adult themes than it should. This has only happened to me once or twice but I’m just thinking of a scenario. You then put that book down and wonder why it was marketed at that age. Why? Whhhyyyyyy? You didn’t want to read that, but you did, so know you’re scarred for life. (Okay not really but still you didn’t want that at all.)

One thing that would be really hard about age ratings for books, would be determining what book goes with what age. Some people are more exposed to certain things than others are. Do you go with what you yourself think, or with what others tell you? How then, do you know if their right? Times are always changing which could also me so are the different ages.

I don’t think books should have age rating but I think they should have those things video games have on the back. You know, rated M for violence, and language? I would like them to just have some sort of warning. Buuuuuut then it’d bring up the topic I mentioned before, how do you decide what is too much language or violence?

I think it’d be too hard to do this with books 🙂 That’s just my opinion…

So should books have age ratings? Should they be rated like movies and television shows, or manga? What do you think would decide what is for what age?


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