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Maximum Ride Forever Review


After the ending of the LAST LAST Maximum Ride book I had to read this LAST LAST one…I really didn’t like the ending of the last last one at all so I wanted a better ending. I was surprised (and still am) that there are no reviews for this book. I thought more people would have read it and reviewed it without just giving it 5 or 1 star because it is James Patterson/Maximum Ride. I really wanted to hear other peoples point of views when it came to this, but I couldn’t really find any reviews at all! 

Was the ending good? Did I enjoy Maximum Ride Forever? Hmm…well stay tuned to find out!

What I Liked:

  • Wowzas this (somewhat spoiler) apocalyptic world (end mini spoiler) Max and her flock are stuck in is absolutely terrible! I’ve read A LOT of apocalyptic/dystopian novels but none of them seemed as horrifying as this possibility. I’m not sure how Max can live with this, how she can deal with her new world. But then again she’s Max and can take about anything that hits her. Right….Right? 
  • There were quite a bit of ‘feels’ in Maximum Ride Forever. I’m not gonna spoil anything but man oh man does it get you right in those ‘feels’. 

  • This ending was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more satisfying than the last Maximum Ride book. I really hated the last ending and I thought Maximum Ride Forever had a better one. [spoiler]Spoiler, be warned! I’d love to actually know more about Maximums daughter xD but man oh man could it just go on and on and on. AGH! How about a Novella with her :D?[/spoiler] 

What I Did NOT Like:

  • I don’t know what I was hoping for but I was wishing for a bit more to happen.
  • This isn’t a problem I have with the story it’s just a problem I had with the characters. One certain character KNOWS how to irritate me xP


  • Maximum Ride Forever was good 😀 I’m glad I read it for the better ending and even if I was expecting a bit more I still, overall enjoyed it! 

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