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Everything Everything Review! (Was Everything Everything good )


Thank you NetGalley for the eARC of Everything Everything, this doesn’t change my opinion on the book at all.

Remember the good feeling? The one where you get when you find an amazing book that you can’t put down? Where you pick up the book and read it front to back in one sitting? Everything Everything was that book for me and more. It’s a mix of story telling, IMing, emails and pictures, definitely cute, definitely adorable, and I loved it. BUT, yes there is a BUT (there always is, isn’t there?) the ending was not my friend 😦

What I Liked

Ollie and Maddie were cuteness overload. How else can I say this, I just loved them to the moon and back, they could be my favorite characters of 2015? Maybe? Probably. If I could hug them I would! Anyways, Maddie and Ollie had a very cute relationship that was easy to enjoy. Ollie never stopped moving, he was always bouncing on his toes or climbing walls, while Maddie was a bit more silent and calm and oh boy, they were perfect together! It was fun to see their witty conversations and their friendship bud into love <3!

*I have no idea who drew this, but it is perfect <3*

Everything Everything was good. VERY good. The story was what I expected and not what I expected at all. I expected a girl with SCID trapped inside her home all the while falling in love with the boy she watches outside her window… I never expected for them to meet and I certainly never expected the ending.The short chapters made it easy to not put this book down and to just read it, while the writing just made you adore our two heroes (or main characters, whatever you prefer :D!). Both I adore, the writing and story (okay and pictures!) the way we got to know the two was adorable! I LOVED their personalities haha… obviously…

What I Didn’t Like

Okay so, the ending. Don’t worry I will put spoilers under the SPOILER tag! While some people adored the huge plot twist at the end, I did not find myself enjoying it. [spoiler]Why couldn’t she have had SCID? I really didn’t like how she was living a lie her whole entire life, and how her doctor never noticed. If Maddie never got sick, why would she have SCID if she is basically allergic to everything (it says so in the summary!)? Why did no one question the diagnosis, or check for proof? Anyways, the twist bothered me.[/spoiler]

*Me at the ending, trying to process the craziness!*

Maddie did manage to make me mad… I don’t think these are MAJOR spoilers, but I’ll tag them as that anyways. [spoiler]When Maddie left for Hawaii with Ollie, I was very upset for many reasons. 1. How could she do this to her mom? She basically just left her mom all alone for Hawaii without even telling her where she was going! I get it, she wanted to be outside but come on! Her brother and Father died in a car crash and she just left her mom without a family. How cruel! 2. How could she lie to Ollie? Ollie loves her to death (or not death) and he never lied to her, ever (or at least from what I remember!) Why did Maddie lie to Ollie? 3. This isn’t about Maddie, it’s about Carla. How could her nurse let her just walk out of her home for Hawaii? She is her nurse after all, and nurses want what is best for their patients right? If walking outside, taking an airplane (with a bad immune system from years inside) will make her EXTREMELY sick, why let her go? She could die! 4. How could Ollie let her go? SHE COULD DIE![/spoiler]

In A Nutshell?

I adored 95% of Everything Everything. The remaining five percent was lost to the ending, which I didn’t enjoy, but a lot of people actually adored the twist. It is very hard to not fall for Maddie and Ollie’s adorable relationship, it’s hard not to love the cute, witty characters we get to know. So uh, DUH I recommend this book! Go read it, eat it, whatever floats your boat :)!

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2 thoughts on “Everything Everything Review! (Was Everything Everything good )

  1. I liked this pretty well too. I personally didn’t like the mother enough to care what happened to her though, and that is probably due to the fact that I guessed the ending. What a manipulative shit! I think Carla knew too. As a nurse, how couldn’t she? I feel like she took some precautions in the beginning because she wasn’t sure. Either that or she is simply the “better to die happy than live miserable” types that she appeared to be.


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