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Book Discussion- Length of Books, does it matter?

‘Ello everyone, how’s your day? Feeling good? Are you doing anything exciting?

Today, on our Blog Discussion, we’re gonna talk about lengths of books. Big. Small. Inbetween. Neither. Yup, we’re gonna mention them all.

I don’t really prefer long or short books, I’m fine as long as the story is good. Buuuuuuut I find that, for some strange reason unknown to me, that I read long books quicker than I do shorter ones :o! Most of the long books I read are by Christopher Pike, an author I really enjoy, so that might be why I finish it in a day or so. I’m not quite sure it just seems like I read them quicker.

Sometimes I feel like shorter books should be longer, because maybe the story is too quick, or things aren’t resolved to my liking. Still there are some great shorter books that do everything well :)!

Short books bring me to another discussion. Do you think shorter books should cost less since their shorter? Should longer books cost more because there are more pages? I’m not really sure how I feel about this but I’ve been wondering about it a lot lately. Should they cost different because they have varying amount of pages? Maybe, I dunno, it’s hard to determine how much more/less they should cost. What would decide? What would determine a longer book from a shorter one? Two pages? Three hundred?


What do you all think? Should shorter books cost less? Do you think longer books should cost more? Do you enjoy bigger or smaller books more? Do you have a preference? Please tell us what you think in the comments below 🙂

2 thoughts on “Book Discussion- Length of Books, does it matter?

  1. I don’t really mind the length of books as long as it’s enjoyable. But if it’s like, say, A Game of Thrones’ length, then I might keep it aside for a time when I’m less busy (which will be NEVER, ha!) Personally, I think all books should be in the same price range because I often get irked when I see a short book (~200 pages) costing more than a regular sized book. But again, that’s just me.


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