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A Whole New World eARC Review! (Wasn’t super new?)


I received this from NetGalley as an eARC! This doesn’t affect my review in any way at all.

Thank you NetGalley (well Disney) for letting me read A Whole New World! This wasn’t what I was expecting, in a good way, I think. At first, goodreads made me a bit cautious at starting, now however, I am happy that I gave this book a full chance!


About 60% of the way through the book takes a turn for the dark(er)! I’m not even kidding, this does get a lot darker than I was expecting, it was a tiny bit gory. No, this book wasn’t overloading on gore, thankfully! I was shocked at how dark the final 40% was! Be warned, things get awful, and Jafar is an evillllll man!

It took me a while to get used to the writing style, it seemed to tell more than show. You know, like it pushes descriptions at you instead of making a movie for you. After a while, I did get used to the writing and the book began to get interesting! The story is actually really interesting, it does get very twisted like the serious promises. The characters are ones we know and love mixed in with some new (or at least new too me) characters like Duban.They were a great cast of characters, both loveable, and easy to root for. I mean, who wants evil Jafar to win? HE WAS PURE EVIL!

This isn’t really about the book, more about the movie… I could NOT read this book without reading Genie’s voice as Robin Williams and I always heard the sound track for the movie in my head! A Whole New World mostly buzzed through my mind as Agrabah descended into darkness haha… oh man… Disney music is way to catchy!


One super crazy thing I found about A Whole New World was the first 25% at least. I was about to put the book aside and stop reading it all together, why? Because the first 25% is just like the movie, word for word, scene for scene. There are a few things not in the movie in the first 25% but still! I have read many Fairy Tale Retellings and none of them followed the movie as closely as A Whole New World. I will say that after 25% the book did branch away from the movie, thankfully and we finally began to see the stories true (dark!) colors.

I wasn’t a fan of the writing style, nothing against he author. A lot of work goes into writing a book, I know because I write as well. Liz Braswell’s writing was not my style, but that is okay! Others love books I don’t love, or hate books I fan girl over, that’s just life. Even though I didn’t enjoy her writing, others will 🙂

This book was very hard for me to get into… mostly because of how closely the book resembled the movie. I LOVE Aladdin, but in this book, the characters didn’t really get me invested in their story/peril. I wasn’t pushed into feeling emotion for them or Agrabah, don’t get me wrong, everything that happened to their city was awful, it just didn’t invoke much emotion from me.


A Whole New World is a dark Aladdin retelling, much darker than expected. Despite the rough start, this book did end up being enjoyable even if the characters didn’t make me too invested in the story. Give this one a shot, see how it goes, and let me know :)!

What is your favorite Aladdin song? Who is your favorite character? Will you be reading A Whole New World?

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