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Delicate Monsters Review! (Definitely not delicate…)


If there is anything I love more than chocolate, it would be amazing books. Delicate Monsters was chocolate… only bitter chocolate. The story sounded entertaining like ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough (cookie douuuughhhhh) yet what I read was mostly plain ol’ vanilla. Can you tell I am hungry??? Delicate Monsters was a book I was extremely excited for, and I am not saying this book was bad… just that the main characters were horrible people.*

*I hate calling people horrible 😥 but there is nothing else I can say! They. Were. Awful. I’ll explain later.


Aw man, why haven’t I read any of Stephanie Kuehn’s books yet? Awww maaaaan is she a WONDERFUL writer! I can’t even get over how hard it was too put down Delicate Monsters (even if it did gross me out at times…) Her words. Her story. Her writing! HER EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK! *Breathes deeply* the way this book is written, is amazing. The detail is fantastic (and blech, gross) but oh so wonderfully written. Delicate Monsters is probably one of the most well written books I have ever read @_@ but uh, I tend to love how books are written sooo XD

Goodness… I give this book the award of The Most Explosive Ending I Have Ever Read In My Life Thus Far (as of 2015)! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIING! Oh gosh O_O somebody help me, I can’t get over it! THAT WAS SHOCKING! Maybe I shouldn’t be so shocked but whatever XD it did blow me away and freak me out and oh gosh, I can’t even O_O


Oh gooooooolllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ My biggest beef (more foooood, yuuumahhhh) with Delicate Monsters are the main characters. The only one I actually liked was Miles, poor Miles. He was an odd character yet none of it was his fault! His stupid brother (oh gosh did I HATE him) Emerson was ridiculous. I think if I had to choose a character I absolutely hated, it would be Emerson. Emerson Tate is the most horrible main character I have ever read in my existence. Oh gosh, I never really dislike characters like I disliked him… yet I sort of feel like that was the point with Emerson, but whatever. HE WAS AWFUL! Oh, and Sadie Su was awful. They were both horrible but at least Sadie was a bit less bad 😛 Not a fan of Emerson or Sadie people… I just did not expect them to be THAT bad!

This book was a bit more adult than I expected O___O! Some of these scenes *shivers* I wish I could forget them… Stephanie Kuehn is a fantastic writer but did she need to go into all the detail? Jeez :O! I did not want to know that, or that, OR THAT! TOO MUCH INFOOOO *screams*


Delicate Monsters is written by the wonderful Stephanie Kuehn and though disgusted me a bit, is a story I would recommend to people who don’t mind more mature content…

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