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Fell of Dark Review (I can’t think of anything witty…)


I saw Fell of Dark at BooksAMillion and was instantly taken by it’s description! Seriously the book sounds awesome but doesn’t really explain what it is about… After reading it, I still feel like I can’t tell you what it is about other than two boys, one who creates miracles and one who hears voices. What is this book about? How do I feel about it? Honestly it is very difficult to review a book you can’t tell if you liked or disliked, but I will give it a whirl XD


Fell of Dark is SUPER short. Goodreads says that it is 208 pages but it is actually only 191, at least in the book I read. The story was so short, so quick and easy to read that I finished it in a few hours. Not kidding. It usually takes me a little while to read books, not this one. Nope! The writing probably helped with that, it was written so simply, but managed to confuse me… Some pages had to be re-read in order to fully understand them, that oooooorrrrrr the plot had me lost. Either way, I did like how this book was written and how it changed from Thorn to Erik even if I didn’t like them so much…


I didn’t like this book as much as I thought I was going too… Fell of Dark sound very promising. I don’t know many books about kids who create miracles so that is cool! For me however, it didn’t live up to it’s intriguing summary. The story was confusing! What was it about? Well, from what I gathered, it is about two boys, Erik and Thorn… And Brianna? What then? Uh…. miracles happen, people die…. stuff…. There isn’t really a plot to this which is my biggest beef (?) with Fell of Dark! Nothing really happened.

Nothing was explained. I mean I can figure what happened, who they were, what they represent but still! Thorn hears voices from people called The Sawmen, Guardians and Architect but as far as I know, they were never clarified. Who are they? Why does he hear them? Another thing that bothered me was that Thorn rarely even heard the voices… maybe a few times but not as often as I suspected… Anyways, this book was confusing in plot and characters (for me :O a lot of people really like this book!)

Thorn and Erik didn’t really connect with me. True I did like their power, I did like who they were (sort of, it’s hard to explain) but they didn’t work for me. Not to sound rude XD I’m not trying to be mean! The two characters didn’t do much in the story, so I couldn’t connect with them. Who is Erik? Who is Thorn? I don’t really know, I couldn’t tell you what they are like. Other than I think Erik is supposed to represent light/good and Thorn darkness/evil.


Fell of Dark may not have worked for me, but it did work for a lot of goodreads reviewers! The plot was confusing and the characters didn’t really connect with me, yet there is something good about Fell of Dark. The writing is quick, and wonderful, it almost seems a bit poetic O_O or is that just me? I don’t know… either way, I’d give this book a shot šŸ™‚

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