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Atlantis Rising (Didn’t Rise to My Expectations) Review


All month I have been in a rather large reading slump (I’ve only really read two or three books xP) and sadly Atlantis Rising did NOT help that at ALL.

What I Liked:

  • There is so much thought behind everything when it comes to the dewings. Their world, the names of what they can do, and how they think/act is quite well thought out. So there goes all my applause!
  • Maybe if I wasn’t in such a reading slump I would have enjoyed this more XP

What I Didn’t Like:

  • There was so much talking. SO MUCH! The dialog had a HUGE part of the story and I wished it was more actiony.
  • I didn’t really like any of the characters, not really. I kind of sympathized with Alison because she was quiet and reserved (for a reason) but I had that in common with her.
  • Looking at the cover and reading the inside of the cover I thought this book would be more creepy. I thought that there were evil mermaids or threatening sea creatures who looked like humans but that wasn’t what I got at all. I think I was just mostly upset because of that, I really wanted Atlantis Rising to be more creepy and intense (which it wasn’t D: )
  • I always love a thought bad guy that’s hard to take out. In Atlantis Rising they took out the main bad guy in about one chapter, that was the first time they even came face to face with him. I know he was evil because of what he was doing but I didn’t feel his evilness radiating off him or anything. The final battle was, in my opinion, a bit disappointing.


  • I really don’t want to scare people away from this book because this is just my opinion doesn’t mean it will be yours! I suggest people still give it a try (I was in a book slump after all, if I wasn’t perhaps I might have enjoyed it more!) Atlantis Rising wasn’t what I was expecting and it didn’t quite meet my expectations but maybe it’ll meet yours.
  • My whole feelings can be summed up with this ONE gif:

Angelina review templet


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