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Watch the Sky Review (I’m looking out for the SIGNS!)


Have you ever read a book and were surprised by it’s genre? Have you ever been blown away by a super great story that you never thought would turn out as AWESOME as it did?

Well the answer for both of these (for me at least) is YES! A whole HECK YES! Watch the Sky is a Middle Grade book, not Young Adult like I thought, yet it still manages to meet my expectations and more. I am a fan of Middle Grade and Young Adult books obviously, I just didn’t know that this was Middle Grade! SO AWESOME! I unintentionally read another MG book :3 Fancy that~

Okay moving on from my blown away mind, and on to my thoughts and love for this book.


I thought this book was going to be about Aliens in hiding. You know, like Aliens disguised as people, waiting to return home. I was wrong people. Wrong! This is NOT about Aliens (I think), it is about a family preparing for disaster, for DANGER! They are on the lookout for signs that the danger is drawing closer, not signs to return home to Mars XD Ahhhh well… I DID really like the actual plot of this story. Maybe it’s just me, and I am crazy or something but I have been noticing some newer books are centered around families preparing/prepared for the Apocalypse. I wonder why this didn’t happen sooner with, you know, the end of the world this September *rolls eyes* No man can predict the end of the Earth people πŸ˜›

β€œBut concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”

My thoughts on the end of the world XD! But I do enjoy Distopians and all…

If there was a book that I would hug, Watch the Sky would be my first choice (or second, maybe Percy Jackson?). Every single character was beyond adorable, so loveable, so hugable and a bit odd. Jory went to school, the only one in his family to not be home schooled, and he dealt with a lot there. He was bullied for how he dressed, in combat boots and cargo pants because Caleb said they had to always be ready. Yet there were two people who always reached out to him, a scary and exciting thing for Jory, Alice and Erik, both adorable! I really liked Kit as well, I wish we got more back story on her, where she came from but I will deal with it. She is silent and never makes a sound, but she loves Jory! I can’t even begin to describe how entertaining these characters were.

A lot of my favorite books I’m beginning to realize are written in third person. I think I’m in love with third person! Throne of Glass, Luncar Chronicles, Love Fortunes and Other Disasters…and now Watch the Sky! The point of view for this book really works, we get to know Jory in such a wonderful way! Third person rocks, and it rocks in Watch the Sky…. I LOVE Kirsten Hubbard’s writing style, this is the first book by her that I have ever read and I am definitely going to read more πŸ™‚



The ending felt too abrupt, I just really wanted some closure. Now I’m not going to go into detail because this is THE ENDING I am talking about and I do not want to spoil it… That was the only reason this book didn’t make it to 5 stars πŸ˜₯


Watch the Sky wasn’t what I thought it was, yet it still was a captivating story. From the hugable characters to the strangely wonderful plot, this book was hard to put down and easy to finish. I’d recommend it to any one who likes a short book with a great story πŸ™‚

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