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Shibainuko-san (WAS SO CUTE!) Review


Dogs, in my unbiased opinion, are possibly the cutest animal in the world. They’re furry, fuzzy little guys/gals who love you despite everything and ask for nothing but a nice belly rub every once in a while. I love all kinds of dogs, every single one and Shiba Inus are included in this. So when I saw Shibainuko-san #1 on Netgalley, saw an adorable little doggie wearing a school uniform I knew, from that moment, that I HAD to read this.


What I Liked:

  • Every single thing. Shibainuko-san had it all really. It was an adorable comic filled with adorable characters and funny moments. Sometimes their adventures were rather sweet as they all slowly became close friends and ignored the fact that she was not human (just don’t tell Shibainuko that!) Other moments were funny as one of the main characters is obsessed with the fact that Shibainuko is a dog, she makes jokes about it all the time, which was quite funny. I also really loved the art it was cute and matched the story 😀

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Shibainuko-san was really good, I have NO complaints 😀


  • I think I’m a pretty big anime fan especially when it comes to cute animes/manga but I’ve never heard of Shibainuko-san. Do I recommend it? Yes! Was it cute? Very much so! I loved Shibainuko-san and was not disappointed at all.

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