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When We Were Animals (Wasn’t Very Animalistic?) Review


Honestly, I’m not sure if animalistic is a word but I came up with it for one reason and one reason only. When We Were Animals sounded, to me, like a crazy creepy book about crazy creepy teenagers running wild like animals. *Ahem* I was thinking they’d be like werewolves, or something along those lines, since they Breach at a certain age during full moons. That was the general idea I had coming into the book, what I got was something so completely different. Really, incredibly different. Different in a bad way and in a good way.

The writing was absolutely stunning. It was amazing and incredible, When We Were Animals had the best writing I’ve read all year (except I liked Daughter of Deep Silence more because it was young adult). The whole story kept a peculiar, mysterious air around it, it didn’t push you away but it instead pulled you to read further, to figure out what this breaching is and what the cause of it could be. 

Here’s some great examples:

There were so many beautiful, dark, and lonely ways in the sunken corridors of adolescence – how did everyone else manage to make it through without a map? Were they not tempted, as I was, to linger?

Sometimes you hide away a memory because it is so precious that you don’t want to dilute it with the attempt to recount it.

The Story wasn’t what I really wanted. I thought this was young adult which was my fault, I should have read the summary closer, but this is in fact ADULT don’t let it fool you people! Teenagers ran around naked in the middle of the night and they did certain things that I’ll leave up to your imagination. It was detailed and gross (gross for me since I don’t like these types of topics xP and I wasn’t expecting it.) But I feel like if I enjoyed adult books more I would enjoy this book more, and certain things would not bother me to a point where I almost didn’t finish it. Another thing about the story was that there wasn’t quite a story or the story was, rather, slow. You don’t find out what causes the Breaching which was what I wanted, you don’t even find out what makes that town so special. Questions aren’t really answered, well some things are, but not all of them. I wanted more answers but I guess that was okay because the writing really took you away.

(My reaction to the story at certain points…)

The characters were okay. I felt a bit bad for Lumen because she didn’t have many friends at a certain time but other than that the characters were just there. I didn’t really connect with them. Maybe it was because of the adult topis xP I dunno…

Overall I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this book! While the story was slow the writing was simply amazing. It’s a book I’d definitely recommend to those who enjoy adult books!

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