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The Wicked Will Rise Review! (sadly didn’t rise to my expectations…)


Yay! I finally finished book two of Dorothy Must Die, and I MUST say that I did enjoy the ending. Book three will be SO explosive… If you want to see how I enjoyed the first book, please click the title in red…

Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die #1) review!

So if you read my review for book one, then you must have noticed that I was not a huge fan. Dorothy Must Die was too gory for me, and frankly, I didn’t enjoy it so much… I felt the same for the Wicked Will Rise, more or less… either way, I ended up giving Dorothy Must Die book two only 2.5 stars and here is why!

OH WAIT! PAUSE! Their might be spoilers for Dorothy Must Die in this review because The Wicked Will Rise is the second book in this trilogy (?)! SO FAIR WARNING :D!


Again, I could not help but ADORE this books ending! Okay so maybe that sounds bad? Anyways, I really loved how The Wicked Will Rise ended (minus a gory death 😐 ) in all fairness, it was explosive beyond words (partially because I refuse to spoil anything :P)! Just oh man, this ending *breaths heavily* it does make me very excited for the next book. I can’t wait to see what happens!

MUST LESS GORE THAN IN DOROTHY MUST DIE! Brianna is pleased with this…

Didn’t Enjoy

*sigh* somethings just happen way to easily, but come on BRIANNA, you can’t have everything you want! Yes, I know this, just somethings in The Wicked Will Rise were a bit too convenient. I don’t think this is a spoiler but just in case SPOILER (MAYBE?)! The Lion died way to quickly and way to easily. I was expecting a harder fight (yes it was hard) but just like the Tin Woodman’s death, they seemed to die too quickly. You would think that an evil mastermind would put up a better fight… oh and yes… gore…

The Gore. I don’t like gore, and gladly, The Wicked Will Rise had A LOT LESS gore than Dorothy Must Die! So uh, why is this down here? Because the parts that did have gore FREAKED ME THE HECK OUT PEOPLE! SO GRAPHIC O_O

In A Nutshell?

I did end up liking The Wicked Will Rise much more than Dorothy Must Die. The plot moved at a nice pace, and the twist at the end had my mind blown! Even though I didn’t like it, I am 99.99% sure that people who liked Dorothy Must Die will like The Wicked Will Rise, so give it a shot 🙂

Did you like The Wicked Will Rise??? Are you a fan of Dorothy Must Die?


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