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The Leveller Review (Level Up maaaan!)


Initially, The Leveller sounds A LOT like Sword Art Online. Okay, well maybe not a lot but it does resemble the popular anime… In The Leveller only one person is affected (well two) but in SAO thousands are stuck inside the game! Anyways, I was incredibly excited for this book, it sounds fantastic and then some! GUYS! Oculus Rift comes out next year, NEXT YEAR! If you don’t know what that is, it is basically a Virtual Reality device 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 CAN YOU TELL I AM EXCITED?!?


Back to The Leveller! I was very excited for this book, maybe a bit too much which left me feeling a bit left down. This book is short, I literally read it in one sitting, it is only 256  pages long!


The idea of the MEEP is awesome! It reminds me a lot of PlayStation Home only more… virtual reality haha! Seriously, can this be a real thing? I’d play it :D! I really did like the idea behind The Leveller as well, in virtual reality, anything is possible! Why were they keeping Wyn captive? I also liked the idea of Nixy being paid to bring kids out of the game, never heard of a story like that before!


If you are a gamer, you expect a tough fight right? Nothing comes easy, from clearing a dungeon to fighting off the undead (or redead if you are a Legend of Zelda fan ;)!) enemies are tough. For Nixy, they were very easy! I was disappointed that that maze Nixy had to clear before making it to Wyn was incredible easy. Yes, it was horrifying but she literally cleared it in like…20 pages… Why could she do it but not the others who tried to clear the maze if it was that simple? I don’t know, I was just sad D:. I was expecting battles to the death (more or less), pages upon pages of trying to get out, but I was left feeling empty! I don’t like violence, don’t get me wrong, but if the maze was so big and bad, why did it pass by the  story so quickly?

I was expecting more fight scenes! See above…(Assassins Creed)

It was hard for me to really get into this story, I honestly don’t know why! I didn’t really connect with Nixy or Wyn, or any of the other characters, none of them stood out to me. Most of their personalities were kind of the same, except Nixy did make me laugh a bit, I did like that…. So why couldn’t I get into this story? Maybe it was the writing? I don’t think so because the writing wasn’t bad at all, just not what I’m used too…. Maybe it was the story? I was expecting Wyn to be totally different, same goes with the reason he was being held captive..


While The Leveller wasn’t my favorite book, I did enjoy the AWESOME premise! The characters didn’t really connect with me much but that is just fine, the story made up for it!

Did you read The Leveller? Did you like it? Will you play Virtual Reality games? ARE YOU AS EXCITED FOR OCULUS RIFT AS I AM :D?



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