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I Am Princess X Review (No! I AM PRINCESS X!)


At first sight of I Am Princess X, I could be found skimming over the title to something else… I judged the cover of the book without really looking at the cover because I AM WEIRD LIKE THAT! Once I stopped my search and finally looked at I Am Princess X, I was blown away! The art style on the poster is amazing, I just LOVED it, so uh, yeah, all ramble aside, I HAD to read this book!


I finished Nimona before this, and man, I AM ON A COMIC… Kick? Is that the word? Anywho, I Am Princess X has a few comic book pages scattered throughout the story, and I am a FAN! I really wish that there was a comic version of this book because I would SOOOOOO read it! The art is beautiful and I adore how it is all done in one color (purple!) Seriously, the comic added to the story and even if the dialogue could be a bit confusing at times (pretty sure it was supposed to be mysterious) it was EXTREMELY enjoyable.

OH GOOOOSH! The characters are all so loveable! Well uh… minus the Needle Man… he wasn’t cute at all… May is a shy, I guess you could say, nerd, and ever since Libby’s death has yet to find a super close friend. Patrick is a hacker with a college problem and that is all I am going to say because I want to avoid as many spoilers as possible… Cherie Priest is amazing. All of the characters were so well thought out, they really had life in them :D!


One thing that confused me was May and her search for Libby and her comics, why didn’t she google them earlier? I understand that maybe she thought they were lost, or ended up being thrown out but google searching is extremely helpful. This isn’t really a bad point, more like a “huh, I wonder why,” point.. Same with the Needle Man… uh… I don’t think this is spoilers but maybe it is, so be warned MINOR SPOILERS(?) AHEAD! Why did he kidnap her? Can someone explain this to me? I get that something (spoilers?) happened to his real daughter, but why did he take Libby?


I Am Princess X is a short read (227 pages) that is sure to blow you away (I hope :”D)! So uh, read it dudes. This book is FABULOUS I kid you not!

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4 thoughts on “I Am Princess X Review (No! I AM PRINCESS X!)

    1. Ohhhhhhhhh Asma you should read it, IT IS REALLY FANTASTIC and I, for one, am in LOVE with the pretty art in the comics ❤
      If you read it, I hope you enjoy it 🙂
      (Have a good day!!)


  1. I’ve seen this book around and I have to admit the first time I saw the cover I thought the book wasn’t for me. But then I finally read the synopsis and it does sound good. Great review and I’ve added this to my TBR. Thanks for visiting my blog today =)


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