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Dorothy Must Die Review (Cue the intense music!)


I read Dorothy Must Die before, but I only made it to about page 70 before I was totally disgusted and vowed to not finish the book… Yeah uh, this book contains gore and foul language (that doesn’t bother me, the gore does) so fair warning! It was the gore that made me put this book down, and the gore that really made this book hard to enjoy (for the most part…)! I just don’t handle those scenes well okay? Anywho, I kept hearing about how many people loved Dorothy Must Die, and how great it was and I was thinking to myself “woah woah, WAIT A SECOND! This book gave me the creeps, soooo how does it end?” And thus my Dorothy Must Die adventure begun (again!) my quest: read the ending (which I assumed MUST be epic) and begin part two of my quest: finished The Wicked Will Rise (in progress!)

I was going to give this book 3 stars, but then I realized there was more I didn’t really enjoy so I changed it to 2.5….

Quest #1: Dorothy Must Die

*cough* by Quest I mean review and by Dorothy Must Die I mean she hassss to right? It’s in the title and everything!

One word to describe this book? Fuuuuureaaaaaakyyyy (Freaky!)


This book, I swear this book had an amazing beginning! Yes, it crushed my heart and hit me with the feels but the writing started off so wonderfully. Immediately, I fell in love with Amy’s voice and sass, she was definitely a character I could root for… sadly, this feeling didn’t last for long :/

If I could give Dorothy a rating on the Pure Evil Scale (it’s a thing, trust me) I would give her the Mother of All Monsters Award (Mama for short XD) she was one Evilllll lady! I swear, she was definitely a Mama (Mama because she treated everyone like she was their Mom and a horrible one at that.) with her evil deeds and horrifying personality. She could have given me nightmares, COULD HAVE but I was more afraid of the Scarecrow than anything else. Oh man, I do not look forward to Amy taking his brain… let’s not think about that please? Anywhooo, Dorothy is pure evil and that makes total sense in this book. I was incredibly glad (and relived) that she was as evil as they said she was, because how disappointing would it be if Dorothy turned out to be not so bad? I’d be super upset if she was borderline Evil a.k.a Evil As In Taking Candy From A Baby Evil (or EAITCFABE, which doesn’t work as well as Mama XD)

I don’t know why but the ending gave me chills, just wanted to mention that. Not sure what else to say without ruining the book but hey, whatever!


Didn’t Like

back of book lied

I don’t think I am crazy but the back of this book is a lie. Yeah, please don’t give me that WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT LOOK, it makes me uncomfortable *sweats*! Okay so the back of the book is supposed to give us an idea of what happens (or so I though, am I crazy?) aaaaaaaaaaaand it promises this….

Your Mission: Remove the Tin Woodman’s Heart. Steal the Scarecrows Brain. Take the Lion’s Courage. And then–Dorothy Must Die. Only you can make Oz a free land again.

Annnnnnnnd exactly one of these happens… which is a major disappointment to me for a few reasons… SORT OF SPOILER? NOT REALLY? 1. We didn’t hear about this deal until the final chapter. 2. I believed in the back of this book! 3.The one she does manage to accomplish in this book happens wayyyyyyyyyy to easily. Then again, I think I like things to be super difficult on characters, so maybe not?

Dorothy Must Die was… a bit boring which I am extremely sorry to say! After the first few chapters, I started to dislike Amy’s voice. She was (to me) naive, reckless and a bit to snarky for me to enjoy. Amy didn’t really connect with me, none of the characters did. They all felt like they were made to be over the top strange if that makes sense. The characters were made to be either extremely evil, snarky or down right weird, nothing in between. So for me, they didn’t feel like they could be real people, you know, if Oz did exist! Sadly, the only ones I did like were Ollie and Pete…

Yeah, okay this is a Wizard of Oz retelling but this didn’t feel… believable? How is a retelling not believable, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s because I am super used to more subtle changes in Fairy Tale Retelling stories and Dorothy Must Die was totally out there? Either way, this book didn’t feel right to me. Sure, there were people who loved it but I am not one of them…

Don’t hate me, but Nox and Amy’s relationship felt totally weak. I felt absolutely no chemistry between them making it feel like Amy only liked him because he was the second mostly normal boy she meet in Oz. I didn’t like Nox, and for lack of better words, their relationship felt forced for the plot, not real. (I am SOOOOOOO sorry Danielle Paige, you rock! This is just my opinion!)

As you may (or may not) know, I am NOT a fan of gore or horror at all… Dorothy Must Die was definitely a case of Too Much Info when it came to gore/blood/creepiness. I felt like they tried to push the darkness of Oz way to much which resulted in some super disgusting scene. I don’t know, I just felt that I could mention it! This book also has swearing for those of you who don’t like that sort of thing. Swearing doesn’t bother me, just the gore.

Final Reaction?

Dorothy Must Die was not my piece of cake. The book was a horrifying gory ride with characters I didn’t feel invested in. However, I do recommend this book to people who enjoy scary stories and SUPER twisted Fairy Tale Retellings with, you know, darkness, death and gloom, all that jazz! I am not kidding when I say this is a dark retelling, the darkest I have ever read so be warned people.

Have you read Dorothy Must Die? Do you know of any other Wizard of Oz Retellings? What is your favorite Fairy Tale? If you were Amy would you try to kill Dorothy or turn back?


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7 thoughts on “Dorothy Must Die Review (Cue the intense music!)

  1. I completely agree with all your dislikes, and that is exactly why I didn’t enjoy this book and am so mad that I bought it! I had such high hopes and was somewhat enjoying it (ignoring the fact that the relationship is just meh, Amy is too whiny for a teenage character, and Dorothy is too over-the-top). What really got me was, like you said, we get the REAL mission and point of the series in *the LAST paragraph*! I felt like I had just wasted all this time on set-up, and it’s a really long book! I did some research into this book too after I read it and it turns out this is by James Frey’s publishing company, the dude who lied/wrote A Million Little Pieces and his publishing company is just a tad on the shady side. As an aspiring author myself, after reading up the controversy, I refuse to support any more books that are put out by him and his publishing company.


    1. I KNOW! It feels like false advertising a bit, the back of the book claims to give us something it never really does, even for the second book >:|! I remember hearing about that! At first I wasn’t going to read Dorothy Must Die because of the publisher but then I forgot :O… sooo they don’t sound like a good publishing company. I’ll try to remember that for future books, thank you. Have a wonderful day!


  2. I didn’t like this book either xD FELT COMPLETELY LIED TO! That back cover is so intriguing and chilling, and yet, 9/10 of the book doesn’t even cover that. Everything felt so forced. The relationships, the characters, their behavior, the gore, the Oz-yness (is that a word? No? It is now.) So much about this book frustrated me in a not fun way, but I still want to see what the author does to this world. I want to know what happens. I feel like both books (I’ve read them both), are horrible up until the last two chapters. THAT’S where it gets good.

    I reviewed this book, and The Wicked Will Rise over on my blog xD I go more into what annoyed me there.


    1. I KNOOOW THAT IS MY BIGGEST BEEF WITH THIS BOOK XD! I wanted brains, hearts and courage but nooooooo, Amy never got that far XD! I agree, the final chapters are actually good(er) but the rest of the book falls on it’s face a lot XD. Thank you for the comment! Have a wonderful day.


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