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Uninvited (I Invited Myself) Review!


Something is most certainly wrong with me. Okay, not wrong but something’s up! I NEVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER re-read books. Because I want to read new books all the time, but for some reason this year I keep re-reading books I’ve read before. I’m planning on re-reading a few more too, like The Raven Boys so I have the whole series reviewed (I think I read and reviewed them all except the second book for some strange reason) so I can prepare for the next Raven Boys book :D! I’ll probably re-read The Cage when the next book comes out, if there’s a next book, I think there is :O

No wonder Brianna keeps giving me strange looks I’m acting so strange!

Uninvited is another one of those books I find myself getting back to. Why? Because I LOVED it the first time through and HAD to read the second book. But when I got to the second book I thought to myself, ‘wait what’s happening?!?!’ I FORGOT everything that happened in the previous book. Which made me sad.

I sat outside in the rain and cried…

(Not really…)

Then and idea popped into my head, ‘hey why not re-read it?!?!’ So here I am, right now, reviewing Uninvited.

The Good:

  • I loved almost everything in Uninvited. I have never heard of a book where people are tested for a thing called HTS (Homicidal Tendency Syndrome), it’s in your DNA (I believe) that predicts whether or not you will be a killer or something along those lines (it’s not real, that I know of o.O). Anyways, the whole idea was new to me and I LOVED it. HTS is like a plague to the non-carriers of it, something they avoided and ostracized. Davy was diagnosed (if that’s the right word) with HTS and her life went spiraling downhill. She was placed in a different school with other people who have HTS, one of which is marked showing that he was violent to get it. Meaning he could be a killer or something along those lines. She hates it and is scared, you know how people would usually react in a situation. Her classroom is only full of HTS carriers and is called The Cage (which I LOVED) it fits it perfectly.
  • Since it’s the Homicidal Tendency Syndrome Davy doesn’t deal with rainbows and butterflies. Nope. She deals with some pretty serious stuff, which I don;t want to spoil, but she goes through some trials. I’m glad there wasn’t rainbows and butterflies (not that I don’t like rainbows and/or butterflies) because HTS is anything but.
  • I LOVED almost all of the characters, except the mean ones! Sean was absolutely awesome-sauce I loved him I liked Davy as well and Gil. I can’t wait to read more about them in the next book!

The Bad:

  • The second part of the book felt a bit typical but let me explain. This will have mini spoilers so be warned. The second half of Uninvited takes place in a military like camp where they are trained for the government. Which is a bit usual. They do the usual things in this camp, stuff I’ve already read before, like train. But what else would on do in a military camp?


  • Uninvited was almost as good the first time through. I enjoyed the story which was, for the most part, rather unique. The characters were also lovable which is a plus! I really recommend it!

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