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Voice of Gods Review!


Thank you to Paper Lit Lantern for letting us be a VIP Trendsetter and for the ability to read Voice of Gods and Legacy of Kings!

Voices of Gods happens before Legacy of Kings, so this review will be spoiler of free! If you want to read our review on Legacy of Kings, click —–> Legacy of Kings Review!

Okay, on to the review!


Angelina: Well I think this was certainly more entertaining because there were LESS points of views than in Legacy of Kings. That means there was plenty of more action 😀 which I love. The characters were still okay, I didn’t really connect with them, but it was nice to learn more about all three of them. I think it solved some questions that Legacy of Kings left behind. My favorite point of view was Helen because she was just a nice girl who wanted to be happy but wasn’t sure how. 

Brianna:  I found the characters in Voice of Gods to be extremely interesting. Like Angelina said, it was easier to understand them with only three points of views, so instead of little bursts of story, we got HUGE explosive twists. Helen was also my favorite character, she was very cool… but she did have a problem of falling in love with the wrong guy. Poor girl! Other than Helen, Ada and Myrtale were both great characters also!!! I loved how sneaky Myrtale was, that girl could PLAN! And Ada’s family was as nutty as a squirrel. 


Angelina: The story was, like I said, waayyyyyy more eventful because it had LESS points of views. There was more action and there was also more romantic moments (which was okay but I don’t like ‘romantic’ books at ALL (I’m weird I know.)) Anyways I enjoyed Voices of Gods more than I did enjoy the actual Legacy of Kings I think this solves several questions about Legacy of Kings. 😀 

Brianna: Voice of Gods was much better than Legacy of Kings to me, I think I would recommend reading this one first. This novella does a really good job of setting up the story and like Angelina said, cleared up some of my questions. The fewer points of views was definitely nice, it helped make the story move a lot faster. 

So that’s our thoughts of Voice of Gods! In short, we enjoyed this one :)!

Are you excited for Legacy of Kings? How about Voice of Gods?


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