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Nimona Review- (SUCH CUTE! MUCH GOOD!)


*Cue the Doge*

*cough* This book was so cute *cough* How will I review it? This is my FIRST comic book review so uh, here I gooooooooooooo!


Nimona looked adorable, and I like adorable so uh, heck yes I had to read it! One of my favorite things about this book is the art, just look at it! The style is so cute, the colors, character design all so amazing! I wish I drew like her, so adorable so adorable so adorable so adorable sooooooooo CUTE! *cough* get to your point *cough* Uh yes, my point… Nimona’s adorable art does a great job of adding to the story, the layout of the comic was also very well done and easy to read. Let me just finish this point off by saying, the art works well!

I think I already made it apparent that Nimona was cute. Cute in art, cute in story. This book actually made me smile quiet a bit. The characters were all so wonderful! Nimona herself was a very sassy shape-shifter with quite the character, her personality (minus the violence :O) was delightful! Ballister Blackheart was also an interesting character, I really loved his relationship with Nimona, and Goldenloin, the backstory was great. In short, I just want to have a big group hug with these people, they were just too (I need a new word, not cute, not adorable, WHAT ELSE?!) entertaining.

I really cant figure out what the time setting for this book was! It was a mix of old time fantasy in character design fused with futuristic technology! Okay, I LOVED it, that was FANTASTIC! Knights with cool shocky thingies? Wow! SIGN ME UP! Although… I don’t want to be touched by one of those shocky thingies D: Whatever setting this is, it worked, it rocked, and it blew me away!

Obviously I enjoyed the story quite a bit. The characters, plot, and art were all very enjoyable. The plot was such a roller coaster ride, one with laughs, smiles, tears, and a bit of anger all mixed in to a big cauldron (CAULDRON :D!) of pure joy.


Okay, yes I LOVED Nimona, but it didn’t blow me away! There was something about it that didn’t sweep me off my feet into a river of pure joy, it was more like cuteness overload. I really can’t place my finger on what it was though!


Nimona was a charming, quick read with SUPER good art! Stop reading this review, and go read Nimona NOOOOW :D! Please? ^_^

Have you read Nimona, or any other comics that you enjoyed?




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