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Emmy & Oliver Review (Such Cute. Much loved.)


Emmy & Oliver, a novel of love lost and found, it says so right on the cover! This book was sweet and cute and adorable and funny and asdfghjk! I have seen so many wonderful reviews for Emmy & Oliver and knew I HAD to read it *cough* even though Angelina claimed it *cough*… For the record, she said I could read it XD please don’t hold it against me! Nooooooooooo…..


Yes. Yes. YES! Emmy & Oliver, like the title of this review was such CUTE and much LOVED! If you haven’t heard of doge look him up XD! Anyways, this book was adorable to the moon and back! It was easy to fall in love with Emmy and Oliver both (and well, every character in this book asdfghjk) because of how loveable they all were! Emmy was always waiting for Oliver to come back, she never gave up and here he finally is! When Oliver shows up, it is very apparent how Emmy feels about him. Emmy does care, a lot and for that I wish I could give them all a BIG hug :3 too bad I can’t… Guess I’ll just have to settle with hugging the book haha… O___O!

Like I said, these characters were adorable! Their dialogue really brought out their cute personalities, awww they were loveable dorks ❤ ❤ ❤ I LOVE IT! Can I hug them? Please? I’d love that! *breathes* Can I pick a favorite character? Absolutely not. Why? Because I LOVED them all!

Aw man, let’s talk about the ending. NO SPOILERS AS ALWAYS <3! The ending to this book made me cry. I don’t cry that often when I read books, besides Crown of Midnight, The Knife of Never Letting Go, A Monster Calls (Patrick Ness knows how to make me cry XD) and The Fault in Our Stars (BECAUSE AUGUSTUSSSSS!) Now, I can safety add Emmy & Oliver to that list! Oh gosh, the feels hit me right in the gut………. it hurts >_<


Maybe it’s just me (or the fact that I have been reading an abnormal amount of EXPLOSIVE book lately) but Emmy & Oliver wasn’t packed full of events. Don’t hate meeeeeeee! This book, for me at least, felt mostly like dialogue, and thoughts. It was Emmy taking Oliver surfing, falling for him, fighting with her friends, etc. So I don’t know, it didn’t feel like much happened but I still found myself enjoying it!

Again, don’t hate me :”(! I just didn’t feel the love between Emmy and Oliver was super real. I mean, with the ten year gap between their relationship you think it would take some time for them to fall in love. The only time their relationship felt super real to me was closer to the ending, then it was easy to see how much Emmy loved him and vice versa XD! I just don’t know, the beginning didn’t feel as real for me 😛


Emmy & Oliver was adorable, so so so adorable and I do recommend it :)! The characters were so cute, the story was romantic (and full of those feels), and the ending! The ending was full of the feels as well (it still hurts >_<)! Robin Benway wrote a really fantabulous (Fabulous + fantastic) story about love, lost and found (it says so right on the cover!) 😀

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3 thoughts on “Emmy & Oliver Review (Such Cute. Much loved.)

  1. Doge! THAT’S where that’s from, I knew I recognized it. Anyways, the characters in this one sound great, and I’m looking forward to the cuteness. It’s a shame not much else goes on though. Great review!


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