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Writing Discussion – Pinterest :)

Some people might read this and say, “what? Pinterest, huh? What does this have to do with writing?” Well I am here to tell you :D! And uh, some of you might say, “HECK YES GIRL! PINTEREST!” Just to represent both sides (knowing and not knowing of Pinterest XD)!!!!

So Pinterest huh? Yep. Pinterest can be defined as a place where INCREDIBLY creative people post to-good-to-be-true dessert recipes, craft ideas and stories. Uh huh I just said stories! There are so many wonderful pictures on Pinterest and a lot of writers have been using it to help picture their stories.


It is not crazy my friend, it is simply AWESOME! I am in love with using Pinterest, my board with the most pins is Crafts, then food XD but if I combined all the cool story pictures, it would top those two!

Our Favorite Boards That We Made!

Follow Brianna’s board fantasy pictures ^_^ on Pinterest.// Follow Brianna’s board inspiration on Pinterest.

Author Boards!

Sarah J. Maas


Marissa Meyer

A.G. Howard

*cough* to the point Brianna! *cough*

Right, the point. So, my question…

Do you use Pinterest?

Because if you do, I WANT TO SEE YOUR BOARDS! Please link them in the comments, or send me something on Pinterest 🙂 I want to stal–I mean look at your pretty pictures :D!


2 thoughts on “Writing Discussion – Pinterest :)

    1. Ah yeah everyone likes different things 😀 I like Pinterest because I can find lots of good food and awesome crafts xD it gets me excited (I’m a nerd xD) Thanks for the comment 😀


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