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The Rest of Us Just Live Here Review!


I received this review copy from Edelweiss, this does not affect my opinion on this book. Thank you SO MUCH for this review copy!

Patrick Ness really has a way with words. For some reason, he makes me cry, laugh, smile, all in the way he creates his stories. The Rest of Us Just Live Here may have just passed my extreme love for The Knife of Never Letting Go, actually it did pass it and went even further. We mostly write reviews here using the good, bad, verdict outline, but since there was no bad in The Rest of Us Just Live Here, this is a 100% good review.

What made me really want to read this book other than my love for Patrick Ness, was the books summary.  Just look at it, bask it in’s gloryyyyy, the summary is AMAZING and makes me smile a bit (ok, maybe A LOT!)! What if you weren’t the Chosen One? What then? Seriously, how many stories can we name where the main character is the one to stop the alien invasion, or the one to kill the evil king? Noooow, how many can you name where the main characters are just trying to live normally? Chances are, not many which is a bit sad… The Rest of Us Just Live Here is about Mikey and his friends who are trying to survive until graduation while the Indie Kids (Chosen Ones) are saving the world. I LOVE how he calls them the Indie Kids, isn’t the name kind of super adorable? Patrick Ness made a story so original, it is hard (VERY hard!) to not like it. I can’t even begin to describe my INTENSE LOOOOOVE for this book other than saying my rating was not 5/5 for this book, it is 999,999,999,999.99/5 *cough* more than 100% perfect *cough*

Every single character in this book is adorable. I LOVE adorable, but they are far more than cute, they are different, interesting and easy to relate too. None of these characters are perfect because no one really is, sorry D:! Mikey has OCD/Anxiety problems, Jared is gay and the grandson of the cat goddess, Mel is anorexic…they are all wonderful. I can’t tell you which one was my favorite, if they were real I would just bring them all in for a big group hug… that would be nice.

One SUPER AWESOME thing, I LOVED was how each chapter starts with a super short summary of what the Indie Kids are up to! Patrick Ness doesn’t leave us totally in the dark when it comes too the worlds newest evil!!! This book tosses out all the cliches of typical stories and brings in newer and more exciting elements. That being said, I really want to read the Indie Kids story also 🙂 even though I LOOOOOVE Mikey and his friends a TON!

What else did I enjoy? The ending. The ending actually made me laugh and smile and almost cry… okay maybe I did tear up a bit, but it was fantastic!

Patrick Ness is an amazing writer, seriously, what book of his his bad? The way he strings words together draws a beautiful picture that’s hard to put aside. From page one this book will grab you and hold you until you finish it. The Rest of Us Just Live Here DEMANDS attention, and honestly, just made its way up to my favorite’s list…



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