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Fun Comic Friday – Ms. Marvel #1: No Normal Review!


Who doesn’t love a good comic? Better yet, a good superhero?

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always adored comics, mostly manga okay, so don’t judge! I remember looking through my dad’s comics, staring at the awesome art and crazy plot lines. Comics rock! They alow the reader the ability to see a story and fill in the dots :), which is wonderful. How does Ms. Marvel line up against other superheros? Did I like her? Was her story interesting? *Cue the intense music*

Ms. Marvel is the most diverse comic book I have ever read, which says a lot and not a lot at the same time. Truth is, I haven’t read many American comic books, I’ve spent the majority of my time diving head first into the crazy, strangely awesome world of Manga. While this is my first time really reading a comic book series (from start to finish :D!) I have always been a fan of Marvel games, tv shows, and movies, don’t judge.

*Captain, didn’t I say, “DON’T JUDGE?”*

Like I was saying, Ms. Marvel is unique. It has a moral and cast of diverse characters. Kamala and her family are Muslim characters, something that I haven’t seen in many YA books, well, books in general. Kamala is a minority character, and in my opinion, it’s nice to read about someone who is a bit different. She is an Avenger enthusiast, lover of video games, and all around cool. In Volume 1, we are only introduced to a few characters, a mean girl, Kamala’s best friend and other best friend, Bruno. I have to say that I adored the cast in this book, they were so sweet (minus the mean girl…)

Maybe I’m looking too much into this, but I sensed a moral coming from Ms. Marvel’s storyline; be yourself. Kamala wishes to become someone else, she wants nothing more to fit in and then she gets that wish. Is being someone else really a good way to fit in? Ms. Marvel tells us no, that there is no one else you should be but yourself. To me, that was awesome. Stories with morals rock!

*Seeeee Agent Carter knows how much I value morals! Gooooooo Peggy!*

I did but didn’t like this art. I loved the way it was colored but I’m still a bigger fan of most Manga art I have seen. Either way, Ms. Marvel does have a nice, neat art style, it just wasn’t my favorite 🙂

Just like the art, I did but didn’t like Ms. Marvel. I actually enjoyed the second volume a lot better, so that’s good, right? The plot for me was a bit strange, but then again, I’m not used to how comics are set up. We didn’t get to know the characters too well before evil found its way in. Well, I still like the story. Who is the inventor? What is he up too? Oh man, I can’t wait to read more!

Are you a comic book fan? Marvel or DC? Did you read Ms. Marvel? What did you think of it?

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