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Sweet (Sweet Beans!!!) Review


I always talk about how much I LOVE James Dashner’s books, how epic and awesome sauce they are and you know what? I think Emmy Laybourne is becoming another one of my FAVORITE authors! I have LOVED her Monument 14 series (I still need to read the last book xP) it was creepy, intense and heart wrenching and Sweet was kind of like that.

I never heard of Sweets existence until I saw it one day at Barnes and Nobles. I looked at it and was like, okay, cool it’s called Sweet, looks creepy. Mhmmmm. Then I moved on. Well I came back to it and looked at it closer. That’s when I saw that Emmy Laybourne wrote it and it had to be creepy and intense and awesome, that’s when I knew I HAD to have it. I had to I just HAD to!

But I could only get one book and I really, really wanted The Cage because I knew more about it. The Cage was okay, I mean it wasn’t what I was expecting so maybe I should have gotten Sweet first because I LOVED it!

Anyways, I went to Books A Million found it and clung to it with all my life, read it in about 2 days and freaked out over the ending. That’s how Sweet and I came together for a short, sweet while.

The Good:

  • I had really no expectations when I got Sweet, because I never heard of it. I only expected it would be good because Emmy Laybourne wrote it. It was good…really good. Sweet started off as a somewhat slow ride, it cruised along (get it?) and eventually got better and better.
  • The story switches between two characters point of views, Laurel and Tom. Tom’s a celebrity and Laurel is a ‘nobody’, she’s just a normal girl. She’s fine with how she looks and acts, she’s fine with her weight while her friend Viv isn’t fine with either of their body shapes. I LOVED Laurel and Tom. Laurel is shy and funny and she’s a nice normal person, she’s not a jerk, she’s not snobby, she supportive of her best friend. What’s not to like about her? I also LOVED Tom. He wanted to be happy but couldn’t find happiness, doesn’t like his job, he’s nice too and I like him! Anyways you know a book is great when you love the main character!
  • Sweet made me feel a lot of things. I was happy for the main characters, sad for them and then…all of a sudden I was absolutely terrified. Oh. My. Gosh. It gets bad, it gets really bad! If I were on that cruise I don’t think I’d be able to sleep for a long, long time. The ending had me so disgusted I was horrified. HORRIFIED. No, the ending isn’t terrible I think it suits the book so much but OH MY GOSH! Why Emmy Laybourne? WHYYYYYYYYY?

The Bad:

  • (Mini maybe spoilers?) I expected zombies T.T there weren’t zombies!


  • Sweet is terrifying and horrifying and really good all at once. It wasn’t quite what I expected but I loved it and recommend it!

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4 thoughts on “Sweet (Sweet Beans!!!) Review

  1. I’ve seen this around the blogosphere but I’ve never read it >.< I actually haven't read any of Emmy Laybourne's books before but this sounds really good! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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