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Legacy of Kings Review


We received this book free from the publisher 😀 Which does not effect our opinion at all!!!!!!!


Angelina: Ahhhh they were definitely something. There were A LOT of characters, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with this many characters in my whole life! I didn’t connect with the characters all that much but there were certain points in the story where I was liking them. Some pretty interesting things happened to them.

Brianna: Unlike Angelina, I have read many books with a ton of POVs :)! At first it was a bit much but I did end up liking almost all of them (I’m looking at you Olympias and Cynane)! All of these characters were so interesting and nutty (Cynane)… One was devious, another would do anything for love, acceptance, etc. Very cool if you ask me. Each one of their stories was verrryyy interesting :3 just wait for that moment where their intentions hit you in the gut! IT IS CRAAAY!


Angelina: Sometimes I felt like the story was a bit slow since there was so many different characters. There was a lot going on so I was also a bit confused. But there were also some great action parts and some things I never saw coming.

Brianna: Because of the amount of points of views, this book was hard to get into. After a while the plot does start to pick up pace and all the pieces begin to line themselves up to show us the books true story. I did like Legacy of Kings, I really did, it was just hard to get used to the switching points of views, there were seven, each with a different goal in mind.


Angelina: I’m not really a fan of third person I like first person better ^-^ but Legacy of Kings had pretty good writing. I felt like it told more than it showed though which is my only critique for it.

Brianna: I ADORE third person, Legacy of Kings is written in third person! I adored everything about how this book was written. If asked to describe the author’s writing style, I would say foggy, annnd that sounds weird. What I mean by foggy is it leaves a layer of mystery around the story, hiding the casts true intentions until like, the final chapters. SO GOOD!


2 thoughts on “Legacy of Kings Review

  1. I do like characters that can stand out on their own and make an impression, but I’m a little iffy about so many POVs, that’s kind of a hit or miss for me. Too bad it is a little hard to get into at first, the final chapters sound really great. Nice review, ladies!


    1. Well there certainly are a lot of characters who have a lot of things going on. I think maybe the story would have been more interesting with fewer characters but the second book is definitely gonna get interesting 😀 The final chapters were kind of explosive, if you read it, I hope you enjoy it ^^ Thanks for the comment!


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