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Legacy of Kings Fan Casting!!!!

Fan Casting is actually a LOT more fun than we both originally thought. We shared a lot of laughs and teasing while we made this list for the Legacy of Kings and maybe we should do this more often to bond together as twins? Pink is Angelina, blue is Brianna 😀

Anways as you look through these pictures don’t Brianna and my selection look kind of alike? Like George Ezra and Logan Lerman have the SAME hair!


 Legacy-of-Kings-Fan-Casting-0.jpg Legacy-of-Kings-Fan-Casting-1.jpg

I kind of agree with Brianna’s choice of Logan Lerman but I really think my brother Jacob should be Jacob but since he’s five (well he’s 13 XD) he’s too young. SOOOOOOOOOOO I went with the 2nd best choice George Ezra!

I know, I know… not a lot of people loved the Percy Jackson movies, but I DID, so MUCH! I adored Logan Lerman has pretty eyes :D, definitely how I imagined Jacob.


pete alex.png

Pete Wentz would be the PERFECT actor, if The Legacy of Kings where a movie and he were Alex I think I would die of happiness. This is the role Pete was born to do, I just know it. (And no I’m not fangirling at all…STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! AHHHH)

Dylan o’brien :)! Okay so yeah, he doesn’t have the blonde hair and multi colored eyes but wouldn’t he be a perfect Alexander? I think, yes :D!

OBVIOUSLY BRIANNAS IN DENIAL FOR PETE she’s blinded, she’s crazy, she’s insane. Pete would be perfect!


katemma kat

I don’t think I’ve seen any of Nicole Munoz’s roles yet but to me she looks like Kat!

Emma Watson is just so amazing :), I can’t picture anyone else as Kat, she would so rock the roll!


lana olympia.jpg

Lana Del Rey (and this picture) really fits Cynane so much, I love it!

Jennifer Lawerence 😀 😀 😀 she rocks! I feel like she could be an amazing Cyn, she could SO play a devious character 🙂



anna zo.jpeg

Anna Popplewell from Narnia (I LOVED the movie 😀 ) looks like a Zo to me.

True Jackson VP was my favorite show on tv, I adored Keke Palmer’s peppy attitude and True 🙂 For me, she would make a fantastic Zo (I really liked Zo)!


joe heph.jpg

Obviously Joe Trohman (he’s from Fall Out Boy) was born to be Heph XD Brianna thinks he looks old but my (unbiased) opinion says otherwise…

Uh, Ben Barnes rocks dudes… fo serious! He is the perfect Heph ❤



taylor olym.jpg

Okay maybe Taylor Swift is too young to play Olympia but her hair and style reminds me of her (not to be mean). They’re both stylish people 😀

Guyssss Kate Blanchett! I really wanted the actress who does the blonde elf in The Lord of the Rings (can’t remember her name) to be Olympias :)! But I saw this actress, Cate Blanchett and I was like PERFECT And guess what? That is her :D!

What do you think about our choices? If you read the book would you agree? We’d LOVE To hear your opinions below so feel free to share them :D!



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