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Charisma Review! (WHERE ARE THE ZOMBIES?!?!)


I don’t read many books I don’t like, if I don’t like it I tend to not finish it. Maybe that isn’t good, I don’t know. Charisma was a book that Angelina and I BOTH fought over, and it was a long battle until I, Brianna, made it out on TOP! I’m glad I did actually, even though Charisma wasn’t what I expected in a good and badish way. Okay, I don’t think I’ll ever say anything about a book is bad, because it’s not. When I write reviews and do the good, bad, verdict thing I’m just basically summarizing what I did and didn’t enjoy, not saying what was bad.

Now that that’s out of the way, here is my (more or less) zombie free review!



🐰  I can SO relate to Aislyn. Her shyness reminded me a lot of myself in the fact that, I wish I could just talk to people. I don’t know if I’d go as far as get gene therapy for it because it’s not that bad anymore but I see why she did it… Honestly I don’t know why any kid would accept a procedure like this one, especially with how the doctor acted when she tried to ask for her mom’s permission… She was so suspicious about it.

🐰 The idea of Charisma is just so captivating. If you had the chance to change your shyness, would you do it, even if the costs were unknown? The gene therapy idea brings a new idea (or new to me) to the YA scene that I’m excited to see (someday?!?) go even further!

🐰I literally screamed when I read the ending. OH MY GOSH DID ANYONE GET IT!? I LOVED IT! IT WAS JUST Wdtrghbgfvcdwefrtghyhngb


🐰 But but but… where are the zombies?! Honestly when I read the summary for Charisma, I expected the side effects to be more horrendous *cough* zombies *cough*… I’m not saying the side effects were good, they were bad baaaaddd baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, just not what I guessed at.

🐰 I liked the story but for some reason, I couldn’t get into it. I’m not sure if it was the characters or lack of understanding on DNA and stuff that made this difficult to become emotionally invested in. Even though the writing was good, I still can’t give Charisma over a 3/5 because it didn’t blow me out of the water and was very predictable.


Even with the lack of zombies, Charisma was an intriguing idea that didn’t live up to my zombie guesses! Ah well…

Have you read Charisma? Did you think it would have Zombies? Would you take Charisma if you had the chance?

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