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The Kidney Hypothetical or How to Ruin Your Life in Seven Days Review- didn’t ruin my life!!


I’ve been in the mood for a Contemporary book, and The Kidney Hypothetical cured me of that mood :D! Okay, that sounded bad XD I mean, The Kidney Hypothetical was good. REALLY good. It was so good that it made me content, it cured me of my dire need of a new Contemporary book to read. So yes, thank you Lisa Yee for helping me :)!


Despite the slow beginnings and not so great first impressions I had of The Kidney Hypothetical, I pushed on! Words cannot describe how badly I wanted to read, and enjoy this story so of course I HAD to at least make it halfway. So I made it halfway, I made it to the end, and I just couldn’t put it down! At first, the story started off a bit slow. I know high school students are childish (because I am one!) but the way Roo, Nick and Samantha acted against Higgs was horrible. The question was HYPOTHETICAL people, just because Higgs didn’t react in time doesn’t mean you all need to treat him like he was poop! Okay, mini rant over. I loved the story! I liked how Higg’s life slowly spiraled down (that sounded horrible AHHHH!) and just as he was hitting rock bottom, he met Monarch. Monarch reminds me a lot of Alaska from Looking For Alaska, and Margo from Paper Towns (both are WONDERFUL John Green books) so I couldn’t stop comparing her to them. Monarch is a rebel who Higgs can’t seem to stay away from so I liked her.

Higgs was a bit of a know it all. Contemporary isn’t my favorite genre, but I do like it when the characters have interesting quirks like Cath from Fangirl, she looooooooooooooooves Simon Snow and makes fan fiction for them. I guess I just like to read about characters who aren’t super like me, Assassins competing to be Champion (Throne of Glass) or a Camp for Halfbloods (Percy Jackson books :D!), and Higgs wasn’t like me at all. He was smart, popular, and at times rude. He suffered over and over for seven days straight, and I’m going to admit that I was VERY close to crying. No one deserves to be bullied like that. My point here is, I liked the characters. Higgs, Monarch, Nick, Roo, they were all interesting.


I had a really, really hard time getting into this book! The Kidney Hypothetical was NOT what I was expecting at all. I figured someone was going to have Kidney problems or something, but that didn’t happen… Roo over reacted so quickly! Just because Higgs wouldn’t give her a Kidney, the whole entire school blew up and made a group effort to bully him. I sort of had a problem with the book because of that, okay well, I wouldn’t call it a problem. The Kidney Hypothetical is supposed to be Contemporary, but the way the characters acted were not very realistic at all.


The slow start was almost (ALMOST!) enough to put me off and decide to pick up a different book. I’m really glad that I didn’t put it aside, that I actually pushed through the book because it turned out really well. If you like Contemporary stories, I’d go for The Kidney Hypothetical because it’s good, it really is 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The Kidney Hypothetical or How to Ruin Your Life in Seven Days Review- didn’t ruin my life!!

  1. This sounds kinda sad? But at the same time it sounds really good. I’ve seen this around but haven’t given it much attention, but your review’s changed my mind. I’m in serious need of a contemporary novel and this sounds like just the book!


    1. I didn’t think it was super sad, I mean, it was sad how everyone left him but not tear inducing sad :O, you know? It was good, and I really hope you enjoy it :)!!
      Have a wonderful day!


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