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Alive Review- (didn’t make me feel very alive O_O?)


Alive sounded creepy, wonderful, great, fantastic and had an eerie cover to match! I didn’t really notice that the white/gray cover had pink paint splatters *cough* blood? *cough* until my sister pointed it out. I mean how did I NOT notice? Really Brianna XD Really?!?! Anyways, I’ve been anticipating Alive for a while. Chandler Baker’s story sounded SO GOOD! Who can resist a tale about a girl whose heart transplant ends with nightmares and a boy who erases her pain? I CAN’T! Well, maybe I could resist O___O I mean, Alive did not put me in a trance/delirious-state-of-total-joy…


I have to give Chandler Baker (the author) some serious props, Alive did have an incredibly unique story. Her writing was good, and the idea was fantastic, I can name maybe one other book that’s a bit similar to this, so that rocks! The whole entire reason I read Alive was for the creepy nightmare deal, why was her new heart doing this? What does it all mean? How will she stop it? She did a really good job answering these questions, even if I was confused throughout some of the book…

The idea was really great! A book about a heart transplant with bad (fantasyish.. I HOPE O_O) side effects was very interesting. I liked the radio station Henry and Stella listened to at night, it reminds me of Coast to Coast. What was even better is that the wonderful author added a twist, even if it didn’t shock me a lot, it was a good twist that I think will surprise a lot of people.


*Groans* Well. How to start this off?  This is supposed to be creepy, right? It is classified as horror on goodreads so I’d say yes, Alive is supposed to be scary. At first, I was a bit scared to read it, I do NOT enjoy horror stories, but gradually, I began to realize that these nightmares and hallucinations were not very frequent. Throughout the whole book,  Stella has like four of five of these nightmares, while they are a bit graphic, none of them freaked me out. The transition between reality and dream/nightmare-thingy wasn’t all that clear to me, but that could be just me :). One second she’d be in the in the living and the next she’d see her drowning sister and KABLAMO (yes, it is a word :D!) her sister is alive and fully dry. I kept thinking WHAT? HOLD ON! HUH? WHAT? Okay so, calm down… Warning, if you read these spoilers they will most likely RUIN the book for you! You have been WARNED! [spoiler]So she has these nightmares because she has Levi’s heart right? Why do they give her these nightmares? Can someone explain to me about the Bathroom scare where the lights turned off, or when she saw blood on her stomach? What about when she thought Levi was drowning her sister? What in the world was that shadow that almost made Stella kill her sister? I am a bit lost… [/spoiler] I am a bit lost… I had to re-read some pages to understand them…

It was very hard for me to connect with any of the characters in this book, especially Stella. I think what made it harder was how much she changed throughout the book, with the introduction of Levi she went from a bit bitter to bitter and punk/rock. I’m going to be super honest here, Stella was not my favorite character. She was sassy (for good reason I think, she did have a heart transplant and almost died) and she was sort of rude. At first sight of Levi she was more than willing to trust him instead of her friends who, she had known for her whole entire life. Stella was a bad friend, she treated Brynn and Henry so horribly, and they were so willing to forgive her. For me, that was un-realistic considering the way she treated them so poorly, it takes time to heal. I don’t know, I didn’t like many of the characters in Alive, except Henry who of course liked Stella and was rejected for the time being, he was her best friend for so long, he was kind, he got her, he understood! Seriously… the others were all a bit sassy, which isn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Oh, on a side note, Stella treated Elise, a.k.a the Replacement Child horribly. I just want to say my opinion on this, Stella parents care. They care A LOT! Her parents wanted the best for her, so when they found out that she had to get a heart transplant they were devastated! To me, they care about Elises every sign of sickness because they don’t want to lose her either, they don’t want her to suffer either… It really bothered me how Stella treated her family, it really did.

I think it may be apparent by now, that I didn’t really like Alive much… In my opinion, Alive did not shock me as much as I was anticipating. The ending to Alive didn’t blow me away, the reason behind her nightmares/delusions was not at all surprising. MAJOR SPOILERS [spoiler]Can someone explain to me how Levi had a body if his actual body was inside the grave they dug up? Why did he steal hearts? I am confused ![/spoiler] Honestly, I was very disappointed by this, it was way to continent and concluded all to fast…

This book was confusing…


Brianna! why are you such a downer? I AM SOOOOOOOOO SORRY! I was expecting a story that would blow me away, but it didn’t. Alive fell flat for me, but I am the odd one out here. Goodreads reviews give Alive good marks, I’m not even joking! A lot of people feel differently than me, and they really did LOVE Alive. So don’t let me keep you from giving this book a try. I DON’T want people to not read this book because of one bad review, alright? I hope you like it :)!

Have you read Alive? Will you read it? Did you like it? I WANNA KNOW :D!

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4 thoughts on “Alive Review- (didn’t make me feel very alive O_O?)

  1. I think I’d still like to read it. But I’m wary of it because of the romance, actually. Is there a lot of romancy, relationship stuff?


    1. Hmmm…. I would say that there is a bit of the romance stuff but not over load romance, you know? The whole entire book does revolve around her relationship with Levi though so… yes and no :D! No, there isn’t too much kissing (from what I remember) and yes, the book is like 90% of her obsessing over Levi :O
      Sorry if that doesn’t help any D: but if you do read it, I hope you enjoy it!


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