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Book Discussion-Do You Prefer Incredible Writing OR A Great Story?

Hey, today’s my brother birthday!! Happy 13th (or is it your 5th? XD) Birthday you little nugget, LOVE YOU BUTTERCUP!!!!!


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(The poor guy on the left is my brother xD)

*Ahem* anyways…happy Sunday funday everyone! I love book discussions so here’s another one 😀

I just finished reading A Thousand Nights by E. K. Johnston (review to come in September, sorry :o), which was great, but it got me thinking about this discussion. I absolutely loved the writing, it was glorious and set a wonderful mood to the whole book, it was what I enjoyed most about the whole thing. The story, however, seemed to be a bit lacking and/or rather slow. I would have given the story 5 stars if it had a better, quicker, story to it. Don’t get me wrong though I did like it a lot, the story was just lacking like I said.

There are many stories that do have great writing but have a slow plot, then there are the ones that have okay writing with a great story. I’m not really sure which one I would prefer though. It’s kind of a tough discussion. On one hand their is the fabulous writing that just paints a picture in your mind and takes up all of your sense >:D! But on the other hand, there is the absolutely FANTASTIC story that just moves and twists and turns and oh boy, you can’t tone down your excitement BUT! Yes there is a BUT, this fantastic story has poor writing 😥

So, which would you choose??

Of course there are some beautiful books which tie in both great writing and a-mazin’ storylines, stories that deserve ALL the 5 stars in the world 😀 I’m quite picky when it comes to giving books 5 stars but those books, which incorporate awesomeness deserve 5 stars 😀

So would you prefer a book that has amazing writing, that can carry you through fast paced or boring situations? Or would you prefer an amazing story that has terrible/mediocre writing to it? What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Book Discussion-Do You Prefer Incredible Writing OR A Great Story?

  1. I guess if I was forced to choose, I would choose an incredible story over incredible writing. The first books that come to mind are the Harry Potter books. Don’t get me wrong, I love JK Rowling’s writing, but I don’t re-read those books over and over again for beautiful, poetic prose; I re-read them for the incredible world and characters and friendships and story.


    1. That does make a lot of sense :)! I really have no idea which I would choose, it is just too hard! I understand what you mean about Harry Potter, I felt the same way about what I read. The story is reallllly cool, but the writing wasn’t my favorite. Thanks for the comment 🙂
      Have a wonderful day!


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