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Ensnared Review


I have FINALLY read Ensnared, the third book to the Splintered trilogy by A.G. Howard šŸ˜€ I’ve owned it since it came out but have kept putting it off for some reason. So, exams came and it was the perfect time to read Ensnared since I’d have A LOT of time to do so. And I did, I got about halfway through the book through the three days.

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The Good:

ā™” Everything about Ensnared was magical and beautifully described. You could visualize what was happening, what the characters were wearing, as well as what the creatures looked like. Nothing was dull or overdone either, and nothing was ever quite the same. This was my favorite thing about Ensnared, the beauty of it overall, the description and details. It’s probably the most imaginative and creatively written book I’ve read ALL year!

ā™” There were some GREAT, intense, awesomely done scenes. (I thought the story was a bit slow at points but still…) The bad guy/girl, not gonna spoil it XP, was pretty threatening and E-V-I-L!

The Bad:

ā™” I still have no preference when it comes to Jeb or Morpheus, both were still rather ‘meh’ to me. Jeb kind of annoyed me, Morpheus was kind of funny but still a ‘meh.’ I dunno it’s just a me point, I know a lot of people LOVE either Jeb or Morpheus, but I think Morpheus has the majority. I wish my opinion of the two of them would have been swayed, but I guess near the ending I did like the two of them a bit better.

ā™” I feel like I always use this as a bad point maybe I’m too picky like my sister says xD but I felt like the story was a bit slow. I couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading at some parts, but there were other portions where I was at the edge of my seat!


Overall Ensnared as a pretty okay book. I LOVED the magical essence of the whole story but still didn’t connect with the characters.

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