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The Vampires Assistant-Cirque Du Freak #2 Review


This is the second book to The Cirque Du Freak series, the first book is called a Living Nightmare which I reviewed here! This one is the Vampire’s Assistant!

The Good:

❣ I LOVED absolutely EVERYTHING about The Vampire’s Assistant! But I’ll narrow it down to a few, lovely points.

The friendship in this book is a wonderful part, I don’t think I’ve read a book with friendship this great. Darren makes real friends who he believes he can trust and he does, it’s a nice feeling when a main character has friends you like as well. Evra was and still is my favorite (from the manga and this book) he’s a great likable character who’s so cool it hurts. Sam, another one of Darren’s new friends, is also another great character. He’s a smart little boy who wants to join the Crique and tries so hard to get in.

Darren Shan (the author, not the character) writes incredibly creepy scenes that make your heart pound. I can’t say more without spoiling it, but seriously, it’s great! There are some really creepy characters too who you can just tell are full of evil intent which will come back to haunt them later! I just know it! Like Mr. Tiny and the Little People who creep me out to death, plus another certain character who I won’t name because their fate is unknown by the end of this book.

Darren goes through a lot of inner turmoil about being a vampire assistant which is quite understandable and makes me feel for him!

The Bad:

*Cries* spoiler…spoiler…spoiler…. *enter river of tears* This has nothing to do with Darren Shan (the author, not the characters) writing, it’s just a spoiler that’s sad…

(You’re probably gonna see a lot of crying Kuzco because I LOVE this movie!…XP)


The Vampire’s Assistant was quite good, in my opinion, Evra Von (Von what?) was my faves and still is my faves. The characters Darren (the character, not the author) meets and the struggles he goes through all make me like him even more. So I can’t wait to see what book #3 brings! Ah yes, Cirque Du Freak #3 we shall soon meet (I just need to get you from the library!)

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