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Book Discussion-Do You Use Bookmarks? (or *GASP* not?)

Hello everyone :)! Sunday is ba ba baaack~ so stay off the roads (because Brianna and I will be driving today O__O)…There doesn’t seem to be many differences between Brianna and I but there are a few. One of these differences is how we read books, or rather, how we keep track of what page we are on.

There are many different ways to mark the pages you’re on. You could fold over the corner of a page, use a bookmark, sticky note, or remember the page you’re on. I’m sure there are a few other ways to mark the page you’re on too!

I, for one, use a bookmark (I use one that I got from Secret Santa 😀 ) but sometimes I read more than one book at a time. When this happens I use a sticky note. I don’t use a plain sticky note, no, I draw a picture on it. Usually a smiley face because I have an obsession with them.  But Brianna, oh no, not Brianna! Instead my faithful best friend memorizes the page she left off on even if she is reading MULTIPLE BOOKS *cough* unless it’s for school, then she uses a sticky note *cough* I can’t really read a book without a bookmark, I actually prefer using them instead of memorizing the last page of sentence I just read…

Anyways, what do you do? Do you read using a bookmark? What kind? Do you need a bookmark or do you just use memorization like Brianna?

I am just curious :3


6 thoughts on “Book Discussion-Do You Use Bookmarks? (or *GASP* not?)

  1. I never fold pages, but I also get annoyed when bookmarks are longer than the book I’m reading and then stick out over the edge (so fussy, I know!). They get crumpled or just fall out when my book is in my bag, so instead I use scraps of paper most of the time, train tickets, cinema tickets, theatre tickets, receipts, or whatever else crosses my path!


    1. Oh yeah, folding the pages can get very messy! I just hate it when you read a book for school and all of the pages are folded over, it bugs me! That is also a good one, long bookmarks can be a bother… I do the same exact thing, whatever usable scrap I can get my hands on, I use to make my page :). Thank you for the comment! Have a wonderful day.


    1. So, I am sensing that dog earring pages is definitely not loved… haha, that is common! Wow, it seems like I am not alone at using random scraps of paper as a bookmark 🙂 coolio! Thank you for the comment :D!


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