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A Living Nightmare (Not Literally)-Cirque Du Freak #1 Review!!


Do you ever just read a book then re-read it because it’s just that great? Not because you want to read it to review it since it’s part of a series, not because you read it in your childhood, but because it was absolutely LOVELY! This is Cirque Du Freak to me, I read the manga, and now I decided I’d read the actual book (took me long enough but I’m not gonna regret it!)

The first book to the Cirque Du Freak is A Living Nightmare, was it a nightmare? No, not really. Which I guess is a great thing!

The Good:


The characters are different, and their differences are a huge part of the plot. Darren, for example has a rather unhealthy obsession with spiders. Also, he has the same name as the author which it totally awesome sauce. It’s super cool! Steve hates his life and is BEST FRIENDS with Darren, their relationship is great! 

The Cirque Du Freak has a really creepy, mysterious air to it, which is rather lovely 😀

The Bad:

Man, do I HAVE to add a bad point? Really? Well…since I guess this is a review I kind of have too. I feel like the first book’s plot was a bit slow but knowing what the next few books will be like I’m okay with that 😀

I guess this isn’t really a bad point but I just wanted to let ya know that there is a kind of graphic/gory part 😛 it’s not that bad and it isn’t that long.


A Living Nightmare was overall a great book that has good potential coming up. While I felt it was a bit slow I’m guessing the series will really pick up pace soon!

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