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The Cage Review (It’s not a trap, trust me!)


 Clearly I had NO idea what The Cage was about. I knew they were in a cage, I knew it was on an alien planet but I did not expect this! Well, I mean I’m not disappointed, I’m just kind of shocked by what I just read.

The Good:

  • I’m not really sure what to put here. I liked it but I’m not sure what I Liked about The Cage. I loved how unique the whole idea of The Cage was, but it reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode and I was hoping it’d be more like that Twilight Zone episode. 
  • I NEVER saw the ending coming. I thought The Cage would be a stand alone, not part of a series, but nope there’s gonna be a second book. I mean there HAS to be a second book. You can’t end it like that. I think I liked the ending the most because it was unpredictable.
  • I LOVED the alien planet they’re on and the aliens customs and lives and all that stuff. Their culture is interesting and a wonderful, creative idea. I mean, the whole book is creative, but these aliens are interesting themselves. Small spoiler…[spoiler]They believe that higher intelligence such as themselves should be the only one’s with rights, so humans have none. Several races of aliens buy and sell humans and their body parts, it’s very interesting and kind of creepy![/spoiler]
  • Ohhhhhh some scenes were awesomely creepy, if people were in a cage I suspect they’d begin to act that way!

The Bad:

  • There was rules the confined humans had to live by in The Cage. The aliens would keep them safe as long as they followed these rules. The rules are as follows:
  1. Solve the puzzles in their habitat.
  2. Care for themselves and remain healthy individuals.
  3. Uh…uh….they have to reproduce with each other xP and if they don’t after 21 DAYS they DIE!

Oookayyyy awkward….naturally this brought on several conflicts…

  • I didn’t really like ANY of the characters. They all argued and fought (in their situation I suppose it makes sense) But they never listened to what anyone else said. Leon was cray, Cora was ‘meh’, Nok was terrible for spoilery reasons, Rolf was too hotheaded to listen to people and Lucky was kind of just there.
  • Speaking of the characters, they always blamed Cora. No questions asked, something happened, yup it was Cora. Let’s forget that Cora wasn’t around when this happened but it was definitely her!


The Cage was rather…different…it wasn’t what I was expecting but for some reason I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN! I finished it in one day and the ending blew me away.

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3 thoughts on “The Cage Review (It’s not a trap, trust me!)

  1. Okay. Well. Now I’m intrigued. I always planned on reading this one — I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Madman’s Daughter series — but I think this has made me even more eager, despite the issues you had with it. Honestly, I love the sound of the whole concept. A lot of YA novels seem very tired these days, but this one sounds fairly unique. Also, I love shocker endings, so YAY for that!! Lovely review 🙂


    1. It was a pretty unique idea :D! I just didn’t like the characters all that much, but I think you should definitely give it a try (the ending was quite shocking to me xD)! Thanks for the comment!


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