Top Ten Tuesday- Ten SUPER hyped books that we never EVER read (because we are nuts!)

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We don’t really NOT read books because of the hype around them, actually, I love being apart of super popular fandoms (fandoms in general maaaan) so why put off a book that is super hyped? Okay well, I can think of a few answers for that 1.) You might be disappointed D: like everyone adores this book, what is you don’t? ARE YOU THEN THE CRAZY ONE? OR IS EVERY ONE ELSE CRAZY? And… that’s all the reasons I can figure haha… ON TO THE LIST! PULL THE LEVER KRONK *cough* ANGELINA *cough*

clockwork princebeautiful creaturesdarkest mindsgraclingharry potter     hunger games hush hush the book thieftwilightvampire academy

For some reason… we have yet to dive into these fantastic tales… Have you read any of them yet? Any we MUST read? Seriously, I really want to know :D!



13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Ten SUPER hyped books that we never EVER read (because we are nuts!)

  1. YOU SHOULD READ CLOCKWORK ANGEL (Book one of Infernal Devices Trilogy and a prequel to Clockwork Prince) ! It is one of the first book i have ever read and I fell for everything in it! I also love Harry Potter , which I have only read so recently myself XD.


    1. I know XD I always hear fantastic things about it! I know you love it :)! I started Harry Potter but got distracted and never finished it 🙂
      Thanks Muhammad for the comment :)! Have a wonderful day you!


  2. I haven’t read Hush Hush — it almost made my list this week. Neither have I read Clockwork Prince. Gulp. Vampire Academy DID make my list, though. And you reeeeally need to read The Darknest Minds, Graceling, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and The Book Thief! I personally hated Beautiful Creatures and Twilight, however.


    1. I hear good things about Hush Hush :)! Yay, list buddies XD! I know I knoooooooooooow XD! I started The Darkest Minds but had to return it before I finished it, but oh goodness was it amazing :)! I started The Hunger Games but couldn’t get into it, I read halfway through the first book… But not The Book Thief or Harry Potter… maybe I should get to those 🙂
      Yeah Twilight XD I’ll stick to the movies hahaha.
      Thank you for the comment 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


  3. OMG some of these books I haven’t read too, people are amazed that I don’t read Harry Potter, i tried to, but I got bored lol!


    1. I do hear good things about it :)! I haven’t seen the movie either, but I did not hear good things about it… Hope you enjoy the rest of the series and the Vampire Academy :)! Have a wonderful day!


  4. There are a bunch here that I will never read either. Among them…Harry Potter, which I tried a couple of times and just couldn’t get into it; and Twilight, which kind of turns my stomach just by the thought of all of the swooning grown women who I have seen.


    1. Yeahhhh… Harry Potter… I did like what I read of it when I was in Middle School but I never finished it! I could NOT get into Twilight, but I did enjoy the second movie, it was kinda good :)!
      Haha, good point.


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