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Between the Notes Review!


Yay! I finally finished Between the Notes! I really don’t know what I was thinking this book was about… I am going to be 100% honest and say this book wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good (my opinion, others may love it!). Gosh. I am so indifferent on this rating! Is it a 3? No. Is it a 2? No. 2.5?? Nope. WHAT IS IT D’:

*Note: I may ramble, so sorry!


I liked how Between the Notes was written even if I didn’t enjoy the story. I think I tend to like how books are written :D! Sharon Huss Roat is really great at writing. The way she puts together words is just so beautiful, I could see it in my mind like a mini movie even though it wasn’t until the ending when I began to see the color. What I mean by that is, I really didn’t enjoy this book until the last 50ish pages…

I liked Lenny! He was a good guy, and wasn’t all that he seemed. Brady, Ivy’s little brother was cute too along with her little sister, Kaya. They were a good cast of characters that I did love reading about :)!


Not really sure honestly. If someone asked me what this book was about, I’d say it’s about a girl who used to be rich and is now poor. True. But what happens in the book? Not sure… A whole lot of complaining goes on! Ivy complains, a LOT! I’m not trying to complain about her negativity but come on, I can only stand her moodiness for so long… It felt like every page she was talking about how she was poor, or how she had to move into the slums, and I’m just like STOP TALKING! Okay, just because you lost your piano and old home doesn’t mean the world is ending. Just because you are no longer rich doesn’t mean you can’t be cool. Ivy was SO rude to everyone is Lakeside, SO RUDE! She thought they were all drug addicts when actually they were good people.

I really don’t know… there is just something I didn’t enjoy about this book! I didn’t hate it, I just can’t place my finger on what I didn’t like! It was Ivy, and the plot, but what bothered me the most?!?!?

My biggest problem is Ivy. Ivy had very little personality to me, maybe it’s because this book so little happened, but then again, maybe not. She didn’t really do much other than be a snobby mean girl to some people, or complain. There were a few times when she really started to show her true colors, like when she and James go to the Graveyard or the ending, but honestly, I don’t know who she is and that is really bothering me right now! Like I keep going on about, it REALLY bothered me how she kept going on about how she was now poor. She was afraid her friends would abandon her because she was no longer rich. Look, if they are your real friends, they’d stay, so stop worrying!


While Between the Notes wasn’t a book I liked all that much, it did have some good points! I liked Lenny, he was a good guy! The ending was really sweet and by gum, I wish I liked the book. Maybe you will enjoy it more than I did 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Between the Notes Review!

  1. I hate books like this. Whether there is some promising elements or not, it is always a pity when it is not very memorable and doesn’t have enough of a point that we can rant one way or the other about it. Nice review.


    1. It really does stink when you can’t decide if you hated, or maybe liked (a bit) a book! I really don’t know about Between the Notes, half of me was like “yeah cool(is)” and the other half was like “uhhhhhh…” Yeah, I can’t even describe how I felt about this one…. Thank you! Have a wonderful day!


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