Currently Reading Reactions! #4 fun fun fun!

YAY! Currently Reading Reactions is back again! Woot Woot! Let us party people! WOOT WOOT!

*Dance Party*

*Cough* Get to the point Brianna! *cough*

Well… this is awkward! Anywhos, today we will share what we are currently reading and how it makes us feel all with funny/entertaining gifs for your enjoyment :3

LET THE PARTY BEGIIIIINNNNN! * I am listening to Adam Lambert and he makes me want to dance XD hence the dance theme…


a whole new world

So far 25% of the book is a lot like the movie, but things are starting to branch off! 50% done and I am hoping the book will turn out good 🙂

          ♥ Recently finished ♥

fell of darkwatch the skyThe Leveller (The Leveller, #1) by

    2.5 / 5                4 / 5                   3 / 5

Next Books?

Books I am probably going to read next 🙂

promise of shadows

I don’t know many books about Harpies and this one sounds AWESOME :D!

red queen



a thousand nights

I haven’t gotten far in this one but I’m LOVIN’ it sooooo much! The writing is wonderful and beautiful and amazing! Although I feel like there is really no story…but I’m not that far yet so it’ll hopefully change!



I’m slowly getting through this book, I’m not really connecting with this one at all xP which stinks….a lot…

♥ Recently finished ♥

when we were animalsSweetbyEmmyLaybourneAnna-and-the-French-Kiss-Stephanie-Perkins

Next Books?

I dunno I need some really good book to read (T.T)/ If you have any recommendations I’ll gladly take them!

Have you read any of these? Do you want to? Do you have any recommendations? We’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!





2 thoughts on “Currently Reading Reactions! #4 fun fun fun!

  1. Hi! What did you think of Watch the sky and Leveller? Also, I’m starting A Thousand Nights in a few days, can’t wait. I say this to everyone but you should really read Paper Towns by John Green if you didn’t already. Great Post!


    1. Thank you Alan :)! Watch the Sky was really good! I loved it a lot, more than I thought I would actually. Leveller was alright, but everything was way to easy for Nixy and it didn’t feel super video gameish too me… But I am a big gamer so maybe I expected too many explosions and stuff haha XD
      I hope you enjoy A Thousand Nights is REALLY good and very well written :)! Hope you enjoy them!
      I have read Paper Towns, it’s my favorite John Green book! Are you excited for the movie?
      Have a wonderful day 🙂


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